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Using Bing Webmaster Tools

Ignore URL Parameters

This feature allows you to specify query parameters for Bing’s crawler to ignore. For example, if you own http://example.com/ and use this page to specify the parameter “abc” be ignored, the URL http://example.com/home?abc=123 will be seen as http://example.com/home. This means that URLs containing the query string parameter “abc” will have that parameter removed prior to indexing. The benefits include: preventing duplicate content in the Bing index, avoiding having a page’s index value split between multiple URL variations, and avoiding unnecessary site bandwidth usage by the search crawler. It’s best to leave this alone unless you know what you’re doing.

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Crawl Control

Crawl Control means that you can control the time of day that Bing comes and spiders your site to index it. Why is this a good feature? This allows you to limit Bingbot’s activities when your visitors are on your site, helping you manage bandwidth more effectively. Your robots.txt file will take precedence over the information from this feature. You can click and drag in the graph to create your own custom “crawl pattern” for Bingbot.

Deep Links – What is Deep Linking?

In the context of the World Wide Web, deep linking consists of using a hyperlink that links to a specific, generally searchable or indexed, piece of web content on a website, rather than the home page. You would remember these at “Permalinks” from the second lesson in this series.

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This feature allows you to block a URL from appearing as a deep link in Bing search results. This block will expire after 90 days which can be extended. You can configure the block to apply to all result URLs or to be limited to a specific result URL as well as for a specific country/region.

Block URL’s

Block URL’s is a lot like “Deep Links” where you can block specific URL’s from being indexed in the search engines. If you have a robots.txt on your website you would not need to use this feature.

Page Preview

Use the Page Preview tool to block a page preview image when you need to temporarily remove it from our search results or to request a page preview image refresh to update the image. Blocks and refreshes can take up to 24 hours to process.

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