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Hypertext Markup Language HTML is the internet language and consists of thousands of different tags. These tags and content are generated several different ways but it all must become HTML in order for it to be read on the internet.

Dreamweaver CC 2019 Beginners Guide Creating A Site For The First Time


Here is a beginners Guide for Dreamweaver CC 2019. Usually I promote free software and HTML editors but there are features in Dreamweaver that are incredibly useful that cannot be ignored. This is the reason I decided to write a quick tutorial on Dreamweaver CC 2019. Dreamweaver Evolution Dreamweaver has been around since the 90’s. Read More

Great New Code Testing Tool

free code tester

A1WebsitePro is now offering a great new code testing tool. This tool is useful for everyone who needs a quick resource to test the code that they are working with. A Helpful Tool For Use With Tutorials If you need a place to practice the codes that we provide in our lessons before you add Read More

Coding Websites With CSS Absolute Beginner Web Development Lesson 9

Coding Websites With CSS Absolute Beginner

This is the lesson where we actually begin to code a web page with html and CSS. We take the mock-up from the last post and make a real webpage with clickable links. List of CSS Commands Used Here are a list of CSS commands used in this lesson. color: changes the color of the Read More

What is CSS Absolute Beginner Web Development Lesson 8

What Is CSS? Absolute Beginners Course Part 8

What is CSS? CSS is an acronym for “Cascading Style Sheets”. We use CSS to style webpages. With it we can specify positions, colors, background and much more. CSS Syntax The CSS Syntax follows a basic structure. First your target the element that you want to change. Next you will give it some commands. Here Read More

HTML5 Forms Absolute Beginners Web Development lesson 7

HTML5 Forms Absolute Beginners Web Development lesson 7

We will be covering HTML5 forms in this lesson. In your web development career you will use forms a lot. It is a good idea to get use to what is available to you. It is important to note that we are covering creating forms. Processing forms in PHP will be coming in the future. Read More

Ordered Lists and Unordered List Absolute Beginner Web Development


We user ordered lists and unordered lists all the time when developing websites. In fact you would be hard pressed to find a webpage on the internet that does not have some type of list items on it. It is very common to use and this is how you use it. Ordered List Items For Read More

Links and Linking Absolute Beginners Course in Web Development

Links and Linking Absolute Beginners Course in Web Development

Linking is one of the most important assets to web development. This is a tutorial coming from an absolute beginners point of view. There are 2 major kinds of links. There are inbound links and outbound links. Lets illustrate both examples. Inbound Links An inbound link is a link that is linked within your website. Read More

HTML Tables Absolute Beginners Course In Web Development Part #4

HTML Tables Absolute Beginners Course In Web Development

We use html tables when we want to position things on our document. These position are called rows and columns. They are created with tags just like everything else on a webpage. HTML Tables Where To Use Them There are many places that you may use html tables. You could be wanting to display a Read More



To set a div tag we type out the tag just like we would do any other tag, “<div></div>”. It is important however that you set id’s or classes to these div tags so we can target them for styling. We use CSS Cascading Style Sheets for styling our webpages. First we need to set div Read More



To use an image tag we use a file on the internet. This file to the image could be located on your server or an external server. For example the following image tag would work anywhere. [code]<img src="" />[/code] Breaking Down The Image Tag The syntax that we use to embed an image is always Read More

Absolute Beginners Course in Web Development

Absolute Beginners Course in Web Development

This is an absolute beginners course in web development. If you or someone you know is looking to get into the field of web development but do not know where to start look no further. If you know how to run a computer and play a video from YouTube this is all the preliminary knowledge Read More

HTML Form Input Types

There are several different input types that you can put in a form. We will go over them now. Text Input Type Text input types are probably used the most on the web. With it we can get names and simple information. This is what a text input type look like. <input type=”text”/> This will Read More

HTML 5 Forms The Component Run Down


The first step to processing forms is to understand what forms are and how they work. The HTML5 form is just form elements that work in HTML. The Form Tag You have to define and opening and closing form tag. Everything within this tag is what will be processed. Very simple put this is a form Read More

Make A Game CSS JavaScript and HTML

Make A Game CSS JavaScript and HTML

This is a tutorial on how to make a game with CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Making games are fun and they are not that hard to do. The object of this game is to shoot the objects and make them stop. We have some cool sound effects that we are loading into this as well. The Read More

HTML5 Form Basics for Beginners

Welcome to HTML5 form basics for beginners. Think of this post as a post for HTML5 Forms for dummies. There are a lot of great tutorials out there on the web about HTML form elements. Most of them fail to tell you the basics. Processor For HTML5 Forms This important thing to note is that Read More