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Google Fonts With Wordpress

Want to use Google Fonts with your WordPress website. This tutorial makes it easy and shows you how to get it set up with your site. To use Google Read More



Insert content on your homepage blogroll in WordPress by programming it in PHP. Its fairly easy and we will provide the codes for you right here. Keep in mind that you should only do this to a child theme. In the tutorial I demonstrated Read More

Lightbox Gallery Broken After Woocommerce 3.0

Does it seem like lightbox is broken after upgrading to Woocommerce 3.0. This is because the latest versions of Woocommerce does not automatically encode Lightbox support functions. It is recommended to use a theme that declares Woocommerce support to get the Lightbox functions. If you are using a theme that is not Read More

Install WordPress Shell Access Using wget Command Ubuntu Terminal

Install WordPress Shell Access Using wget Command Ubuntu Terminal

This article will help you install WordPress with Shell access Read More

Please choose product options… WooCommerce


If you are getting the message “Please choose product options…” you may have more than 36 variations. WooCommerce only allows 36 variations for a single product. In order to increase the variations for a single product put the following code into your themes functions.php file.

TFA Two Factor Authorization for WordPress

(TFA) or “Two Factor Authorization for WordPress” is a security plugin that makes your WordPress safer. There are several different 2 step options in this plugin and they are very easy to set up. Read More

Your Theme Does Not Declare Woocommerce Support


If you are getting the message. “Your Theme Does Not Declare WooCommerce Support” please follow the instructions below. Find Your Theme * You need to know where your them is located and what one you are Read More

Glyphicons FontAwesome With Bootstrap For WordPress


Let’s move onto using Glyphicons and FontAwesome in the Bootstrap WordPress CMS. The first thing that you will have to do is call in the libraries. We have already called in the Bootstrap library but just in case there are some not following along with the tutorials here is what you put in your header.php. Read More


contact form 7 configuration errors fix it

Why Am I Getting Contact Form 7 Configuration Errors? * New updates in the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin may have placed this warning in your dashboard. This is to prevent email sending errors because of empty entry fields. Read More

WordPress From HTTP to HTTPS Easy Instructions Fastest Way

move to https on wordpress

If you are ready to move your WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS the fastest and easiest way follow these steps. #wordpress Step #1 Make Admin Secure * Make your admin secure by opening up Read More

Show Last Post Excerpt On Any WordPress Page

wordpress under attack

So there is a little code that you can use to query the posts then show the last post on a page. in this particular code we are ordering by date and grabbing the last post that was made according to the date. The following code will grab: The Permalink The title The Excerpt The Read More

Previous and Next Post Navigation in Genesis WordPress

previous and next post navigation in genesis

If you are on the genesis system and want to have previous and next post navigation you can add the code below to your functions.php file. This is a great way for people to navigate though the posts on your website.   In your Read More

Use Shortcodes Everywhere In WordPress

using wordpress shortcodes everywhere

You installed a plugin and then you try to use the shortcode on your sidebar. It does not show up, what do you do? Well here is a series of short Read More

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Code For AdWords

So you want to track your conversion for adwords? Here is how you do it for woocommerce. Get the Conversion Tracking Code from AdWords * Log into your AdWords account. Read More

Ubuntu Server WordPress Uploads Plugins Theme Updates Not Working


We use ubuntu servers because they are are awesome to work with. There are however some technical things that you may run into when Read More