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Glyphicons FontAwesome With Bootstrap For WordPress


Subscribe Let’s move onto using Glyphicons and FontAwesome in the Bootstrap WordPress CMS. The first thing that you will have to do is call in the libraries. We have already called in the Bootstrap library but just in case there are some not following along with the tutorials here is what you put in your Read More


contact form 7 configuration errors fix it

Subscribe Why Am I Getting Contact Form 7 Configuration Errors? New updates in the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin may have placed this warning in your dashboard. This is to prevent email sending errors because of empty entry fields. This is quick and easy to repair. Just follow the steps below How Do I Fix Read More

WordPress From HTTP to HTTPS Easy Instructions Fastest Way

move to https on wordpress

Subscribe If you are ready to move your WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS the fastest and easiest way follow these steps. #wordpress Step #1 Make Admin Secure Make your admin secure by opening up the wp-config.php file and putting in the following code. [code]define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true);[/code] Step #2 Use relative URL’s Using relative URL’s within your Read More

Show Last Post Excerpt On Any WordPress Page

wordpress under attack

Subscribe So there is a little code that you can use to query the posts then show the last post on a page. in this particular code we are ordering by date and grabbing the last post that was made according to the date. The following code will grab: The Permalink The title The Excerpt Read More

Previous and Next Post Navigation in Genesis WordPress

previous and next post navigation in genesis

Subscribe If you are on the genesis system and want to have previous and next post navigation you can add the code below to your functions.php file. This is a great way for people to navigate though the posts on your website.   [code]/** Genesis Previous/Next Post Post Navigation */ add_action( ‘genesis_before_comments’, ‘eo_prev_next_post_nav’ ); function Read More

Use Shortcodes Everywhere In WordPress

using wordpress shortcodes everywhere

Subscribe You installed a plugin and then you try to use the shortcode on your sidebar. It does not show up, what do you do? Well here is a series of short codes that you will add to your functions.php file. By adding the following short codes you will  be able to execute scripts from Read More

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Code For AdWords

Subscribe So you want to track your conversion for adwords? Here is how you do it for woocommerce. Get the Conversion Tracking Code from AdWords Log into your AdWords account. Select “tools” then “Conversions”. Next select “+ Conversions” and add one. You can see I added one called “purchases”. When you click on the name Read More

Ubuntu Server WordPress Uploads Plugins Theme Updates Not Working


Subscribe We use ubuntu servers because they are are awesome to work with. There are however some technical things that you may run into when installing a WordPress CMS on an Ubuntu server. Enter FTP Credentials To Install Plugins You may be confronted with “Please enter FTP credentials…” when trying to install a plugin. This Read More

Simple Share Buttons With No Junk Added

Simple Share Buttons With No Junk Added

Subscribe So many webmasters want simple share buttons with no junk added. What do I mean by this? In today’s world of “free plugins” webmasters do not know what they are getting into. When they install a sharing plugin most of the time it is loaded down with junk. This junk are ads or links Read More

Simple Steps For Woocommerce Product Variations And Swatches

How to edit attributes and variations in woocommerce variable product listings

Subscribe Here are some Simple Steps For Woocommerce Product Variations And Swatches. If you are selling a product that has a single attribute follow the steps below. Single Attribute Variations and Swatches Step 1:  First create your product listing just as you normally do for a basic product listing. Step 2:  Scroll down to the Read More

Add A Handling Fee In WooCommerce

Subscribe If you want to add a Handling Fee in WooCommerce you now have to add the code below. You would then add this to your functions.php file in your child theme in WordPress. Save the file then you now have a $5 handling fee! 🙂 [code]add_action( ‘woocommerce_cart_calculate_fees’,’endo_handling_fee’ ); function endo_handling_fee() { global $woocommerce; if Read More



Subscribe Welcome to part 3 Child Themes in WordPress for Beginners For those of you arriving at this post this is a continuation of the Child Theme in WordPress series. Make sure that you have completed part 1 and part 2 before attempting to do the following tutorial. Advantages of Having a Child Theme Read More



Subscribe Qualifications: 20 Years + experience in the following computer languages. HTML Hypertext Markup Language  PHP pre hypertext preprocessor  CSS Cascading Stylesheets  JavaScript  MySql Databases  ASP.NET  Access  SQL  Node.js  And many many more WHY AM I ADVERTISING ON CRAIGSLIST & OTHER CLASSIFIEDS? Many people think they are getting a “deal” hiring someone working out of Read More

How To Edit USPS Shipping Method In Woocommerce

USPS Shipping Method in Woocommerce

Subscribe The USPS Shipping module in Woocommerce is an ideal calculator for many Woocommerce shop owners. It gives you the flexibility to choose the have your shipping for your cart to be calculated based on the standard US Postal Rate Chart automatically based on total weight. How to download USPS Shipping Method for Woocommerce After Read More

WordPress Child Theme Creation Tutorial

Subscribe Welcome to WordPress Child Theme Tutorial Creation. Here are some of the benefits to creating a child theme in WordPress. Why Create A WordPress Child Theme? It takes less time to create. You can take advantage of parent theme functions. You can take advantage of parent theme CSS styles. You can also use the Read More