beginners web development

Here is the scoop. We take you from having no knowledge at all about computer programming. If you are on this page and you have the capability to watch videos you are all set.

Preliminary Lesson

Since we are dealing with people on different computers we have made 2 tutorials to get you started with the lesson below. This tutorial will show you how to create a file on your desktop that we do in each lesson.

If you use Windows, click here to watch video.

If you use Mac click here to watch the video.

If you are already on a Linux system you don’t have to watch either, you are good to go! :-)

Take these lessons in order if you are a beginner. This way you will learn accurately . If you have any questions there is a box below each post where you can ask questions.  Here are the lessons in order.

  1. Absolute Beginner HTML
  2. Image tags and Embeding
  3. Div Tags Id’s and Classes
  4. HTML Tables
  5. Links and Linking
  6. Ordered List and Unordered List
  7. HTML5 Forms
  8. What is CSS
  9. Coding Websites with CSS
  10. JavaScript Absolute Beginner
  11. JavaScript HTML DOM Events
  12. JavaScript IF ELSE Statements
  13. JavaScript “OR” “AND” statements in Conditional Loop
  14. JavaScript Switch Statement Function
  15. JavaScript Getting A Value
  16. JavaScript Arrays How To use Them
  17. JavaScript Array Methods for Absolute Beginners
  18. External CSS Libraries



Anyone Interested in Free Coding Online Lessons With Me?

Maximus McCullough

Hi everyone, Is there anyone here interested in Free Coding lessons with me? These lessons would be in a live online meeting about 30 minutes twice a week. I am a full stack developer and I have been coding for 25 years. The reason why I am doing this is I would like to find Read More

Using External CSS Libraries Absolute Beginner

Using External CSS Libraries Absolute Beginner

You can use external CSS libraries to help code you website faster. CSS Libraries are CSS code preprogrammed. Once you know the structure of CSS code then you just name your elements or “tags” after the libraries structure. Many of the CSS libraries that are available help you create responsive websites. Programming CSS Code In Read More

JavaScript Array Methods For Absolute Beginners


There are JavaScript methods that you can take advantage of when you need to. We like to propose applications where you can use such methods. This helps you to understand them better. In this lesson today we are going to use a JavaScript method of push to show a random number. Set The JavaScript Array Read More

JavaScript Arrays for Absolute Beginners


JavaScript Arrays can hold several pieces of data in one string. This is how we set a JavaScript Array. JavaScript Array Syntax var zoo = [“Tom”,”Dick”,”Harry”]; The above data values are stored in a variable. They are separated by commas and quotes. Showing Results From A JavaScript Array The process of showing the results from Read More

JavaScript Getting The Value Of An Input Field Absolute Beginner


There are times when we need to get the value of a input field with JavaScript. We can get values from several different types of input fields. text number date Complete List Here. JavaScript Value The way we grab a value from an input filed is by using the value function in JavaScript. First set Read More

JavaScript Switch Statement Absolute Beginner Lesson 14


JavaScript Switch statement is used when we have a lot of variables that we want to match. In the following example we get the day of the week. We can then show something for each day of the week. Getting A Day JavaScript Built In Function There are already functions that JavaScript comes with in Read More

JavaScript AND OR in IF Statement to Check For Multiple Conditions Absolute Beginner

JavaScript AND OR in IF Statement to Check For Multiple Conditions

Sometimes you want to check if we meet 2 or more conditions in JavaScript. To accomplish this we use the OR “||”, AND “&&” statements within the IF condition. In the last lesson  we were checking the date. If a certain date met the condition we displayed something. What if we had a couple of Read More

JavaScript If Else Statements for Absolute Beginners Lesson # 12

JavaScript If Else Statements for Absolute Beginners

Many times in programming we have to check to see if a condition is met and then display a result of some sort. This is where the if else statements come in handy with JavaScript. For instance lets say that you wanted to display something on a certain date. Maybe on New Years Day you Read More

JavaScript DOM HTML Events for Absolute Beginners Lesson #11

JavaScript DOM HTML Events for Absolute Beginners

Lets discuss DOM events in HTML with JavaScript. In the last lesson the event we were calling upon was the “onclick” event. We used a button to accomplish what we wanted. Today were are going to discuss the following events. onclick onload onchange onmouseover onmouseout onmousedown onmouseup onfocus   Setting Variables in JavaScript In the Read More

JavaScript Absolute Beginner Web Development Lesson 10


If you are an absolute beginner in web development you must be aware that JavaScript is essential. We are going to break it down for you in the simplest of terms. So if you are a beginner this lesson is for you. This is going to be fun! Document Object Model Document Object Model (DOM) Read More

Coding Websites With CSS Absolute Beginner Web Development Lesson 9

Coding Websites With CSS Absolute Beginner

This is the lesson where we actually begin to coding websites with CSS. We take the mock-up from the last post and make a real webpage with clickable links. When creating a web page, the first step is usually to create a mock-up or design. This can be done using various design tools such as Read More

What is CSS Absolute Beginner Web Development Lesson 8

What Is CSS? Absolute Beginners Course Part 8

What is CSS? CSS is an acronym for “Cascading Style Sheets”. We use CSS to style webpages. With it we can specify positions, colors, background and much more. CSS Syntax The CSS Syntax follows a basic structure. First your target the element that you want to change. Next you will give it some commands. Here Read More

HTML5 Forms Absolute Beginners Web Development lesson 7

HTML5 Forms Absolute Beginners Web Development lesson 7

We will be covering HTML5 forms in this lesson. In your web development career you will use forms a lot. It is a good idea to get use to what is available to you. It is important to note that we are covering creating forms. Processing forms in PHP will be coming in the future. Read More

Ordered Lists and Unordered List Absolute Beginner Web Development


We user ordered lists and unordered lists all the time when developing websites. In fact you would be hard pressed to find a webpage on the internet that does not have some type of list items on it. It is very common to use and this is how you use it. Ordered List Items For Read More

Links and Linking Absolute Beginners Course in Web Development

Links and Linking Absolute Beginners Course in Web Development

Linking is one of the most important assets to web development. This is a tutorial coming from an absolute beginners point of view. There are 2 major kinds of links. There are inbound links and outbound links. Lets illustrate both examples. Inbound Links An inbound link is a link that is linked within your website. Read More