Anyone Interested in Free Coding Online Lessons With Me?

Hi everyone, Is there anyone here interested in Free Coding lessons with me? These lessons would be in a live online meeting about 30 minutes twice a week. I am a full stack developer and I have been coding for 25 years. The reason why I am doing this is I would like to find talented individuals that can code and possibly join me later in creating software. You would not to have any experience whatsoever. You would just need a Laptop or Desktop and a Gmail account to join me in the meetings. These are fundamental lessons to get anyone started coding and understanding programming. If I can at least get 10 people who want to do this, then I will commit to it. Below is the material we will cover, and by the end you will have a basic understanding of programming. Please fill out this form if you are interested. You can also ask me questions below in this post. Thanks!

Chapter 1:
Introduction to Web Development

• What is web development?
• A brief history of the Internet
• Basic terminology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)

Chapter 2: HTML Basics

• What is HTML?
Structure of an HTML document
HTML tags and attributes
Creating a simple webpage

Chapter 3: CSS Basics

• What is CSS?
• CSS syntax and selectors
• Applying styles to HTML elements
• Creating a basic stylesheet

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Chapter 4: JavaScript Basics

• What is JavaScript?
• JavaScript syntax and variables
• Conditional statements and loops
• Basic DOM manipulation

Chapter 5: Responsive Web Design

• What is responsive web design?
• Media queries and breakpoints
• Creating a responsive layout

Chapter 6: Adding Interactivity with JavaScript

• Handling events with JavaScript
• Creating interactive forms
• Creating a simple game using JavaScript

Chapter 7: Website Deployment

• Choosing a web hosting service
• Uploading files to a web server
• Domain names and DNS

Chapter 8: Advanced HTML and CSS

• Advanced HTML topics (HTML5, semantic tags, accessibility)
• Advanced CSS topics (flexbox, grid, animations)
• Creating a complex layout using advanced HTML and CSS

Chapter 9: Advanced JavaScript

• Object-oriented programming in JavaScript
• Asynchronous JavaScript (callbacks, promises, async/await)
• Creating a dynamic website using advanced JavaScript techniques

Chapter 10: Conclusion and Next Steps

• Review of key concepts learned in the book
• Resources for further learning
• Next steps for becoming a web development professional.

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am interested in teaching people to code so that I can find talented people who would be interested in this kind of work. There are many out there wasting their time learning to code the wrong way or learning on platforms that are not the useful for the real world. These are live online lessons 2 times a week for 30 minutes to an hour for each session. The reason these are live online classes is so that I can answer your questions as they come. If I can get at least 10 people that want to learn, I will provide these classes.
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