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Backup Website Terminal Instructions

Most effective and easiest way of backing up your website is in terminal. The process that I am about to show you is very easy. It may look like it is past your capabilities but it is Read More

Please choose product options… WooCommerce


If you are getting the message “Please choose product options…” you may have more than 36 variations. WooCommerce only allows 36 variations for a single product. In order to increase the variations for a single product put the following code into your themes functions.php file. Advanced Programming Made EasyI hope you enjoyed the article. If Read More

Understanding Stop Words Search Engine Optimization Google Bing Yahoo


What Is A Stop Word? * Stop words are words that every website uses. “Stop Words” was a term coined to describe the words search engines are programmed to ignore. Here is a small list of stop words. a and is on of or the was with I hope you Read More

Postfix Delete All Email Messages Linux Commands


If you are running your own mail server you may need to delete messages. If you would like to delete them all use this command. you must be logged in as root.   The next command will let you delete all email in the queue that is from a certain domain. You will have to Read More



ContentsDelete Email MessagesCheck Email QueueFlash or resend the queue mailsCheck the basic config of postfixCheck whole config of PostfixRenew queue in PostfixReload the configuration after modification to my or what is going on in /var/log/mail.logTo put an email message on hold use this command after you get the id number.Hold Email MessagesRelease emails Read More

Starting October 2017 SSL Is required By Google Chrome

Starting October 2017 SSL Is required By Google Chrome

We have talked extensively on using SSL’s but Google is upping the game. Starting in October 2017 Google will require you to have an SSL on your website. SSL is an acronym for Read More

Using External CSS Libraries Absolute Beginner

Using External CSS Libraries Absolute Beginner

You can use external CSS libraries to help code you website faster. CSS Libraries are CSS code preprogrammed. Once you Read More

JavaScript Array Methods For Absolute Beginners


There are JavaScript methods that you can take advantage of when you need to. We like to propose applications where you can use such methods. This helps you Read More

JavaScript Arrays for Absolute Beginners


JavaScript Arrays can hold several pieces of data in one string. This is how we set a JavaScript Array. JavaScript Array Syntax * The Read More

JavaScript Getting The Value Of An Input Field Absolute Beginner


There are times when we need to get the value of a input field with JavaScript. We can get values from several different types of input fields. text number date Complete List Here. JavaScript Value * The way we grab a value from Read More

JavaScript Switch Statement Absolute Beginner Lesson 14


JavaScript Switch statement is used when we have a lot of variables that we want to match. In the following example we get the day of the week. We can then show something for each day of the week. Getting A Day Read More

JavaScript AND OR in IF Statement to Check For Multiple Conditions Absolute Beginner

JavaScript AND OR in IF Statement to Check For Multiple Conditions

There are times when you want to check if 2 or more conditions are met in JavaScript. To accomplish this we use the OR “||”, AND “&&” statements within the IF condition. In the last lesson  we Read More

JavaScript If Else Statements for Absolute Beginners Lesson # 12

JavaScript If Else Statements for Absolute Beginners

Many times in programming we have to check to see if a condition is met and then display a result of some sort. This Read More

JavaScript DOM HTML Events for Absolute Beginners Lesson #11

JavaScript DOM HTML Events for Absolute Beginners

Lets discuss DOM events in HTML with JavaScript. In the last lesson the event we were calling upon was Read More

JavaScript Absolute Beginner Web Development Lesson 10


If you are an absolute beginner in web development you must be aware that JavaScript is essential. We are going to break it down for you in the simplest of terms. So if you are a beginner Read More