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My name is Max and I love websites and developing them. My favorite thing to do is watch my clients become successful whether they are selling online with an eCommerce site or providing a service. We have some clients that are artist that have awesome works to display. Whatever is your passion you can use a website to enhance your experience and find others that have the same interest. A website will make your business more profitable as well, some of our clients only run online businesses and are very successful.

Why did I choose a career in Web Development and Design? *

I asked my granddaddy a long time ago, “Pap what is the best way to make money?” His response, “Solve peoples problems sonny boy”. Well it took me a while to figure that out because I was only 13 at the time but my granddad was a smart old man so I had a lot of time to think about what he said. He also told me to make a career in doing what I love to do and I have. I love to watch people become more and more successful with their businesses. The most passionate are the most successful and when I see that I feel really good to be a part of it.

The History of A1WebsitePro *

Several years ago the web was nothing more than just a bunch of online bulletin boards connecting to networks. There were no pictures or videos but I was fascinated about how these bulletin boards worked. My imagination started running wild and I started developing pictures with text. {see below} while I was having so much fun doing that someone came up with the ability to add real pictures on the boards called bitmap. Well I could never get enough of the computer and I was on it all the time. Tearing them apart putting them back together looking at the code and figuring it out piece by piece. They did not really have schools for the line of work that I wanted to be in so I figured it out myself.  Then one of my hero’s Tim Burners Lee invented html, I was like a kid in a candy store. I purposely would start tearing it apart on my windows 3.1 os to see what kind of anarchy I could create. Welcome to the world of hacking, I do not even think the term was invented then but I loved it, lol.  Then there was a guy by the name of Rasmas Lerdorf that invented php in 1994. PHP writes html dynamically. When this happened I hardly ever left my computer. Once again it was so new they did not have a school where I could learn it where I was so once again I was cutting code apart and putting it back together again to see what it did. Well to make a long story short I got involved with adobe flash back then called macromedia. I also learned java script in the same manner. If you want to lean something and learn it good tear it apart and put it back together and that is what I have been doing all these years.


Our School *

I started hiring students out of different schools some with attractive degrees in computer science. I found that I had to teach 100% of them to develop websites. It was strange to me that some of them did not know the first thing about html. This gave me the idea to start a school and give one on one lessons in web development. This turned out to be a good thing to do. I have met a lot of amazing people with the same desire as me. Watching them learn and then apply what they learned was very satisfying to me, I almost felt like they were my kids, lol. Well some of them have went off and started their own web development companies and are very successful at it. Others are running websites of their own that are very successful.

Closing *

I am very happy that you came to visit us here and if you feel we can help you become successful too please contact us. We would love to help you with your web and mobile web desires.

Please leave us any feedback so that our other customers can read honest reviews below. As stated in our proposals most of our new work comes from the references from other customers and 80% to 90% of our work is from repeat customers.

If you are leaving feedback be sure to include your website address!

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  • Edmond Heinz says:

    I used Max to make some edits on my site. I was very satisfied with his service.

  • Jennifer says:

    I’ve used Max for a variety of projects over the past few months. As an online entrepreneur, I’m accustomed to web designers being unreliable and hard to work with. This is NOT the case with Max. Not only is he fast, professional, and creative; he has helped come up with new ideas that had not occured to me. I’m pleased with the initial proposals he provides, which allows both of us to have an objective measure for success/completion. His pricing is fair, his work is fast and competent, and his communication skills are clear and professional. I would highly recommend him-

  • Jeremy Penn says:

    I have hired Max repeatedly because his talents are multifaceted. Along with his Web Programming prowess, Max has the ability to understand his client’s needs. His accessibility and work ethic has made him someone I trust and in return, he has gained a lifetime customer. I have worked with many web developers in the past. Nobody can do what Max can.

  • Ok, Max is simply amazing. He drove very far to come help me learn DreamWeaver and how to adopt it effectively into my everyday usage for making websites. It would have taken me absolutely forever to learn this myself, so he has truly helped me MAXimize my time :).
    I am in awe of this man. I truly can’t wait to learn more from him! He’s super friendly and nice and easy to understand. Contact him today! Derek

  • Haley Harned says:

    Max is the best. He understands client needs and has taught me a lot about my own website. Max has a great eye for design and I totally trust in his skills as an programmer. It is not everyday that you find someone who has both artistic and technical talents such as his!

  • A1 Website Pro is truly the top notch service provider in their industry. 5 Stars or A+, no matter how you want to rate them, they are the #1 in my book.
    Max and his team are such an asset to our company. Their services span beyond just website and seo work. From website management, to art work for ads, and even video infomercials, they have exceeded my expectations over and over every time and they continualy strive to offer me better and better service and product.
    They are fast paced,extremely honest and have the greatest work ethic of anybody I’ve dealt with. I consinder myself to be a tough client, but never once has this comany not exceeded my expectations.

    To anyone out there who says ” My small business just cannot afford a website pro”……I’d respond by saying “how can you afford not to retain a true website pro ? “. A1 Website Pro has not cost us a single penny, but they’ve generated us alot of profits.

    So to MAx and his Team, Thanks for all your hard work !!

  • Smartfoodplan.com says:

    Max does excellent work! Highly recommended!


  • Roeshel Summerville says:

    I’m a blogger and couldn’t live without the quality services at A+WebsitePro. Little tasks and tweaks to HUGE issues haven’t been a problem for Max. Not only is he up for the challenge, but his ideas, advice, teaching, awesome technical skills and extensive knowledge have saved the day on more than one occasion. Having the staff at A1+WebsitePro as a part of my team gives me peace of mind when it comes to keeping my growing business safe and running smooth.

  • Michael says:


    I’m a very particular person and very detailed orientated. Max was recently hired to developed a business web site for my electrical contracting business. My business serves high end commercial accounts and I wanted a very professional site. I am completely satisfied with the site Max built. He is professional and detailed orientated. Max also has a very good attitude with of the changes and demands that I had. Would definitely hire Max again. http://wrecelectrician.com/about-us/

  • Karla says:

    Max alway is just a click away for me. I choose to work certain hours and Max makes himself available to me as I need him. He is easily reachable by chat, email, google video etc. He has answers to my questions that are complete and clear. I appreciate his ability to communicate effectively, availability, and his quick response/intervention time.
    Thanks for all your hard work Max…Its nice to have a friendship develop from a work relationship! That is exactly the type of person I want to work with!

  • amber says:

    Before I knew Max (A1websitepro.com) I did not have a business website, nor website building skills. Now I have both, thanks to all the time and effort Max provides me. I am forever grateful for all the work he has done to help my health and wellness business grow. I would highly recommend him to others. Great service, very attentive, patient, educational tutorials available online, very responsive to requests, timely and always in a pleasant mood. Thanks Max for all you do.

  • Natalie says:

    My name is Natalie and I own a moderate size company here in Los Angeles California. I am totally in love with Max, I have called this man on many occasions and he has always been there for me. He has even taken time to fly out to be with me here and walk me through things one on one. He is respectful, kind and considerate. I have hired many web developers Max surpasses them all in knowledge, ability and compassion. I have severe mood swings because of the pressure of the business world and have taken it out on Max on more than one occasion. By the end of my conversations with him I would be laughing and in a better mood. I know that with him on the job everything will be all right!

  • Rebecca says:

    I recently hired Max to fix an issue with our new website developed by a prior web developer. Immediately upon contacting him he knew exactly what I wanted to do and he knew how to do it. Since we were in a time crunch and needed the job completed asap he went out of his way to squeeze us in immediately. Max completed the work quickly and perfectly. He even went above and beyond to test everything before it went live and fixed any issue to make the job right. He was really wonderful throughout and on top of it he got the job done seemlessly. I would definitely use him again and do highly recommend him. We are very satisfied with his work. Thank you.

  • Jake says:

    Max is a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable about websites. I would highly recommend his company to anyone.

  • Josh says:

    I used a1websitepro for my new site selling online game codes. I must say the owner Maximus exceeded my expectations in creating the perfect site for my small business. Communication was top notch and everything i asked for was delivered in a timely manner. I can strongly recommend their services and i will definitely be back if i need anything else.
    Thank you so much!

    – a very happy lifetime customer

  • First off, I want to say I may possibly be the most difficult client to please LOL. This company is hands down the best web development company out there anywhere. Everything is done correctly, no short cuts and no subcontracted. The team at A1WebsitePro does all their clients work. Not once in 4 years has the team at A1WebsitePro.com let me down or under delivered on their promise of guaranteeing me 100%satisfaction. A1WebsitePro outperforms any other web design and marketing company I have ever dealt with. I now exclusively handle all my projects with A1WebsitePro due t their speed, efficiency,accuracy of work and close attention to detail. I have worked with A1 WebsitePro on hundreds of various e-commerce and website development projects over the last 4 year period, and ALL 100% of them have brought me returns on my investments. My advice to anyone needing a website or even a free business consultation about an idea you have, CALL and speak to Max at A1WebsitePro.com. I personally voucher for their honesty, integrity and hard work ethic. Business owners are among the most stubborn and passionate people out their, A1WebsitePro is the best at dealing with this type of client. Their staff is very professional, courteous, honest and gets the job done right EVERYTIME !!

  • Aurelia says:

    I came to Max with an unusual business idea. He was able to ask all the right questions until the vision I had was crystal clear to him. Once he solidified the vision, he expertly crafted the ideal website for me. If that wasn’t already enough, he taught me how to manage the website on my own! Even to this day, if I have the slightest problem, all I do is call or email Max. Presto! Problem solved! I would not only recommend Max and his staff at A1 Website Pro, I would strongly suggest that you NEVER go with any other Web Developer on the planet. Yes, he’s that good!!!

  • Max, thanks so much for all your work getting my blog moved from Blogger to WordPress and for helping me tweak it to get it just the way I want it!

    Angie @ knickoftime.net

  • Roger Faubel says:

    Max did an excellent job on my site design and on improving my hardware performance.

  • I have just started using the services of A1 Website Pro and so far I am super happy with the service I have received.

  • We discovered A1 Website Pro through an excellent Woocommerce series produced by Maximus McCullough on You Tube. When we discovered a website issue that required service we decided to contact Max to see if he could help us. Since then he has been our “go-to-guy” for anything related to servicing our site. All of our transactions with him have been quick, seamless, and efficient, which tells us that he has our best interest in mind. We are so happy to have Maximus McCullough and A1 Website Pro on our Niice Stuff team.

  • Carl says:

    We just moved our website from another host to Max. Max has been extremely helpful in helping us with much needed improvements. We are glad to be with him.

  • Megan Ardoin says:

    I love working with Max. He’s fast and efficient and works quickly- just what I need!

  • Just met with Max today. It looks like we finally found a new partner to help us with our web issues. We look forward to working with him.

  • Storm Service Solutions says:

    Very happy with all of the services provided… unmatched prices for incredible work.

  • MAX .. Thanks again for your help and advise on how to make this part of our business run smoother.

  • Max and Karen are great to work with. If you have a question or need a little guidance they are right there.

    Our customers love our website and our sales have increased.

    Highly recommend them.

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