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Use Cloudflare DNS Content Delivery Network

Use Cloudflare DNS Content Delivery Network

This tutorial will show you how to use cloudflare DNS as a CDN {Content Delivery Network}. the process is fairly simple. You will have to log into 2 places. First log into your domain registrar and then Cloudflare. How To Use Cloudflare * Read More

DNS Point Domain Name To Your Server

DNS Point Domain Name To Your Server

There may come a time when you have to point your domain name to your server by managing the DNS. This usually happens when you first purchase a domain. This can also happen when you choose to change servers. The process is a simple one but Read More

Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities Protect Your Server


In this day and age there is always some threat to your server environment. There is always some wise guy coming up with a hack or virus to ruin your server. In this article I am going to Read More



This is a beginner lesson about terminal commands in a Mac. To get familure please watch the video below. You too can practice the terminal commands on this page with your own Mac. Remember if you are having trouble you can always schedule a one on one with Max the web developer here. FILE PATHS cd Read More

If You Are A Webmaster Make This Your Homepage

make this your home page

If you are a webmaster make this your homepage or at least bookmark it. Every time you publish a post or page that you want indexed in search Read More

WordPress is Slow Here Are Some Advanced Tips

wordpress is slow

WordPress is slow here are some advanced Read More

Think Twice Before You Install A Plugin For WordPress

think twice before installing a wordpress plugin

You should think twice before you install a plugin for WordPress because of the ramifications that plugin can Read More

Someone Copied My Website Content What Can I Do?


Someone Copied My Website Content What Can I Do? Well find out who they are from the whois database on Then buy a ski mask and rifle and then go to their house! Ask them in a kind but firm way to remove the plagiarized content. If they Read More

Add Content to the End of Your RSS feed in WordPress

Add Content to the End of Your RSS feed in WordPress

Sometimes its necessary to add content at the end of your RSS feed. Here is a little code that will help you to do that. You can add social pages, scripts and more using this method. Just paste the code below into your functions.php file and replace the content with whatever you want it to Read More

Policy Breach Notice Google Adsense Email Notification

adsense policy breach pii

ContentsWHY AM I GETTING A POLICY BREACH EMAIL NOW IF I AM OK?What will a policy breach email look like if I need to take action?Update Google Sends Apology Letter 🙂Dear Publisher, We have now verified that we are no longer detecting PII being passed to Google from the account(s) under your control. Thank you Read More

Flushing DNS cache in Windows Mac and Linux


I have spoke about clearing your browser cache in previous articles but if you are still having problems seeing changes on your website there is one more thing that you may want to try if things are still quirky. Read More

How to Blog with WordPress using Microsoft Office


If you want to learn how to blog with WordPress using Microsoft Office Read More

Lightbox for WordPress Forms


Do you want to know how to do a lightbox for WordPress forms? Its really cool. If you do not know about lightbox yet it is a way to darken the background so that people can Read More

Remove “Howdy” in WordPress Quickly

Wanna remove “Howdy” in WordPress? How many of you out there say “Howdy”? Maybe if you are from the south you may use that terminology however I had a client Read More

How to Update Dedicated Server for ShellShock Bug


What is the ShellShock Bug? * Shellshock is a security vulnerability Read More