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HTML Tables Absolute Beginners Course In Web Development Part #4

We use html tables when we want to position things on our document. These position are called rows and columns. They are created with tags just like everything else on a webpage.

HTML Tables Where To Use Them

There are many places that you may use html tables. You could be wanting to display a checkbook or database layout. This is where tables would come in handy. However you do not want to use tables to format an entire webpage. Why? It is very hard to get tables to be mobile responsive. This is especially true if you are using a lot of columns.

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Col Span in HTML Tables

Sometimes you may want your columns to span across a few columns. For example if we are using 3 columns in a table then 1 column we want to go clear across the table we would use “colspan”.

<td colspan=”3″ ></td>

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More Information on HTML Tables

This is a very basic lesson on HTML tables. To see a more capabilities of a HTML table click here. 

Complete Code For Today’s Lesson

Here is the code that we used in today’s lesson. This lesson is very basic to getting you started using HTML tables.

<title>HTML Tables</title>
<td colspan="3"> Column Column Column #1</td>
<td>New 1</td>
<td>New 2</td>
<td>New 3</td>

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HTML Tables Absolute Beginners Course In Web Development

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