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HTML Improvements Duplicate Title Tags Google Search Console

Have you seen “HTML Improvements Duplicate Title Tags” in your Google Search Console? Here is how you fix your Duplicate Title Tags problem.

Pagination Causing Duplicate Title Tags

Your Duplicate Title Tags could be because your theme is not coded properly. More often than not it is your pagination causing duplicate title tags  in your SEO that is the issue. The pagination feature on WordPress is great if you have a lot of content on a page. You can insert a page break and then continue writing.

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What Does Pagination Mean For SEO?

Pagination means a higher CTR, (Click Through Rate). This gives you more points SEO wise so to speak.  I created a free plugin that makes this a breeze, you can get your pagination plugin here. It’s a light weight plugin that adds a page break to your editor. It looks like this.

SEO Pagination HTML Improvements Duplicate Title tags

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Basically, when you want to insert a page break you just click that button and it inserts it for you. Then you will have pagination!

The Solution To Duplicate Title Tags

The solution to duplicate title tags is in your Yoast SEO plugin. You need to add the page numbers at the end of the title. First load up your offending post in your dashboard. Click the “edit snippet” under the WordPress SEO Yoast Tool.

Edit Snippet Pagination WordPress SEO

Start typing a % sign in the box then “page”.

HTML Improvements

It will look like this when you are done.

Duplicate Title Tags

Make sure that you save the post and you will no longer suffer from Duplicate Title Tags in your Google Search Console. This is an HTML improvement that you will not have to look at any longer!

Duplicate Meta Descriptions Solution

To solve your Duplicate Meta Descriptions on your pagination pages. You will repeat the above process but this time you will put it in your Meta Descriptions box.

Duplicate Meta Descriptions

HTML Improvements

Congratulations, you just solved your duplicate meta description problems and HTML improvements. If you liked this post please be sure to subscribe and share. We post helpful tips often to help people with their WordPress sites.

Video on HTML Improvements


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