Google Analytics Bounce Rate Are You Killing It?

Are you killing your Google Analytics Bounce Rate? Most webmasters not only posts on their website they also use their website a lot. They are on it every day and they check to make sure they are being indexed in the search engines. Typically they will Google their titles and see what position they are in. They want to know if they are on the first page or not. Once they see their link on the first page, they click it. They visit that page and then close their browser. Little known to themselves, they just killed their bounce rate.

How Google Analytics Bounce Rate Works

The Google Analytics Bounce Rate metrics are activated when someone comes to your website and only visits one page then leaves. If you are a webmaster that checks your rank in the search engine then remember this. If you check your rank in a search engine then make sure that you click on something else on your page while you are there! The higher your bounce rate is the worse your website page is!

About The Google Analytics Code (Techie Stuff)

I found out about the Google Analytics Code is limited in ability. For example, I visited one of my webpages and went to the live view. I left the webpage open in another tab for a few minutes. The visit to that page disappeared after a few minutes but I was still on the page! I concluded that if you have a lot of information on a webpage you better use pagination. If you have too much information on a page that takes longer than a few minutes to read you are killing your bounce rate!

Why You Should Care About Your Bounce Rate

You should care about your bounce rate because this metric measures the “importance” of your webpage. This rating tells Search Engines like Google if they should keep you on page one or bury your site to the second or third page somewhere.

Only cool people share!

Ways To Decrease Your Google Analytics Bounce Rate

If you want to decrease your Google Analytics Bounce Rate then there are a few things to keep in mind.

Be Interesting To People

You need to be interesting to people and give them some type of fulfillment. You want to answer the question that you posed in your title. You want to “Solve The Mystery” that you posed in the title of the article.

Use Pagination in Long Articles

Use pagination in longer articles like this one. You will notice at the bottom I have more to tell you about this subject. However, having a page that is ten miles long is not wise.

Use A Related Post Plugin

There is a reason why developers created Related Posts Plugins. They are useful for decreasing your bounce rate.  A user will see related articles that you have written and click on them if they sound interesting.

Clean Up Your Website

Thats right, clean up your website. No one wants to see all that busy information in a sidebar. My advice is get rid of the sidebars altogether. Focus your user on the subject you are writing about. If you need ads like this site does then put them in unobtrusively. This will maximize your ads to their fullest potential as well.

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Google Analytics Bounce Rate Are You Killing It

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