Dreamweaver CC 2019 Beginners Guide Creating A Site For The First Time

Here is a beginners Guide for Dreamweaver CC 2019. Usually I promote free software and HTML editors but there are features in Dreamweaver that are incredibly useful that cannot be ignored. This is the reason I decided to write a quick tutorial on Dreamweaver CC 2019.

Dreamweaver Evolution

Dreamweaver has been around since the 90’s. As Dreamweaver evolved it added more and more useful features for developers and newbies along the way. Although it is a paid HTML editor you cannot ignore the programs usefulness and efficiency. The layout is also easy to navigate. Like many Adobe products it is easy to change the workspace layout.

Dreamweaver CC 2019 Features

There are many features in Dreamweaver. The efficiency of setting up multiple websites feature is next to none. Editing and preview code as you create it is a breeze. Code hinting in Dreamweaver really speeds up the workflow. For a complete list of Dreamweaver CC 2019 features click here.This is going to be a beginner tutorial so we are going to concentrate on the essentials.

Beginner Essentials In Dreamweaver CC 2019

Download your free trial of Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 here. Next fire up Dreamweaver to get started. If you see any beginner prompt screens just ignore them or click on the button that says you know what your doing.

Only cool people share!

Step #1 Set Up A Site in Dreamweaver cc 2019

Since I am teaching you guys development I want you to use the developers workspace layout. Go to the top of your screen look for “Window” then “Workspace Layout”. Choose the “Developer” option.

Dreamweaver CC 2019 Workspace layout

Your screen will then look something like this.

Dreamweaver cc 2019 Workspace Layout

Notice the files and snippet tabs on the left hand side.

Step #2 Define A Website

IN order to define a website we need to set up a website folder. If you are using XAMPP like I am you will want to do it like this. Look for the dropdown that has the option to “Manage Sites”.  Click on “Manage Sites”.

Manage Site Dreamweaver cc 2019

Next you will see a box that looks like this. I have 2 websites already setup in my Dreamweaver CC 2019. Click on the oval button that says “New Site”.

Manage Site Dreamweaver

You will then be presented with a box that looks like this. replace the text where is says “Site Name:” and give you website a name. You can call it, “My New Website” if you wish.

New Site Dreamweaver CC 2019

Next you need to choose a folder on your computer for your website. If you have XAMPP like I do then you will want to choose the htdocs folder. If you do not have XAMPP or another processor then just create a folder on your desktop to associate websites with. This will be called your “Local Site Folder”.  Click on the little folder icon. It will open up a folder view. Navigate to Macbook Pro on the left. Then click on “lampp”. Inside lampp folder you will find your htdocs folder.

Navigate to folder

Double click on your htdocs folder.

htdocs folder site setup

Create a “New Folder” for you website.

Create A Folder For New Website

Name the new folder then click click “Create”.

Name folder for new website

Now click “Choose”.

Choose Folder

Next click “save”.

Save Site Folder

Next click “Done”.

Congratulations your local website is setup and ready to go!

Step #2 Creating Files in Dreamweaver CC 2019

Now that you have your website setup you will want to create files within your website. Since we just defined the website and created a folder in it there are no files within the website. Creating files in Dreamweaver is easy. Right click over your new site. You will be presented with some options. Select “New File”.

Creating Files in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver will then create a HTML file by default. It will be outlined in blue so you may change the name. We will call our new file index.php.

Dreamweaver create new file

Create New File in Dreamweaver CC 2019

You will create more files in the same manner. You can also create new folders for your project the same way. Right click and select “New Folder”. Then give you folder a name and it is ready for use. You may double click on the files in Dreamweaver and they will open in the editor on the right.

Dreamweaver CC 2019 Locked Files

If you click on a file and it says;

index.php is a locked file and can be viewed but not changed. What would you like to do with this file?

index.php is a locked file and can be viewed but not changed. What would you like to do with this file?

Hit cancel then navigate over to the left where the site folder is. Right click then select “Unlock”.

Unlock File Dreamweaver

If that does not work for you then try to view the file. If you can edit it then you are good to go! If not then navigate to your htdocs folder. Right click and select “Get Info”.

Locked File Mac

Navigate down to where it say “Sharing and Permissions”. We want to give read and write permissions to everyone. Click on the lock icon at the bottom right. You will ten be prompted to enter your password. Next change the privileges to read and write for everyone.

Permissions Read and Write

Read and Write Permissions

Now you should be able to create files without seeing that message.

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