We have completed the Absolute Beginner Web Development Courses. It has help a lot of people with the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However when it comes to web development there are a couple more things that you need to know in order to grow your knowledge. It is called “Programming Languages”. There are several different types of programming languages. You can do a Google or Bing search for programming languages and you will find several. The one we are going to work with is PHP, JavaScript & MySql.

Please remember that HTML and CSS are not “Programming Languages”.

Web Development Introduction

In our beginner course we created some HTML, CSS and JavaScript in order to give a basic idea how a webpage works. However, if you went through that course you would realize that creating web pages like that for 1000’s of pages would be very cumbersome and time consuming. This is where programming languages help. Programming languages can write HTML so you do not have to do it over and over again. They can also write JavaScript, CSS and process forms.

If you are a beginner please make sure that you complete the beginner course before going into these lessons.

Web Development Set Up

In our beginner course we did not need to set up additional processors. This is because we were writing code in straight HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These are already interpreted properly in browsers if the code is written correctly. All we had to do was open the HTML in a browser and see the results. We will not be able to do the same thing with our programming language so we must install it.

What we want to do is set up a “Server Environment” in order to use our programming language. Best of all it is free to set this up. Depending on your OS “Operating System” you will have to download the proper processor.

Go to Apache Friends to download XAMPP this will be the most painless server to set up. Just download it and install onto your computer. Here is how you install it.

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