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Hypertext Markup Language HTML is the internet language and consists of thousands of different tags. These tags and content are generated several different ways but it all must become HTML in order for it to be read on the internet.

Please Enter A Valid Value HTML5 Number Input


The number attribute in HTML5 may give you a warning, “Please Enter A Valid Value”. Using decimals in HTML5 requires that you use an attribute of “step”. Consider the following in the form tag element. [code]<form> <input type="number" name="price"> <input type="submit" value="submit"> </form>[/code] This will result in a blank box. When entering a decimal value into Read More

Use A JavaScript Button As A Link Properly


To use a JavaScript button as a link properly you need to start off with an HTML button element. This is commonly referred to as the button tag in HTML. Below is the code example for a button element.  <button></button> If you put the button tag element in a webpage it will look like this. You Read More

PHP HTML Script For Emails


If you are looking for PHP HTML script for emails you have come to the right place. If you look at our PHP Snippets for email. You may be disappointed that when you send an email that you do not actually see formatted HTML. PHP Header For HTML Email Emails do not automatically display HTML. Read More

HTML5 Audio Tag to Play Audio Files in Your Website

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Some people were asking me how do you play an audio file in your website? HTML5 has a great way for you to play your audio files. Instructions for Embedding Audio Files with HTML5 Upload your file to your WordPress If you cannot upload to your WordPress upload to something like Soundcloud Copy the URL path Read More



Qualifications: 20 Years + experience in the following computer languages. HTML Hypertext Markup Language  PHP pre hypertext preprocessor  CSS Cascading Stylesheets  JavaScript  MySql Databases  ASP.NET  Access  SQL  Node.js  And many many more WHY AM I ADVERTISING ON CRAIGSLIST & OTHER CLASSIFIEDS? Many people think they are getting a “deal” hiring someone working out of their Read More

Child Themes in WordPress for Beginners Part 2 CSS


Child themes in WordPress for beginners part 2 CSS is a continuation of WordPress child theme creation tutorial.  So if you have not completed that tutorial you may want to look at it before you do this one. What We Are Going to Learn Browser to target CSS. Identify id’s to make changes. “#” Identify Classes Read More

Style HTML Tables With A Lot Of Content


Have you ever wanted to Style  HTML Tables With A Lot Of Content? HTML tables are nice to use because they keep content separated in a nice neat order. However there are many times when webmasters want to put more information into a table cell that makes the table distort. The video below will walk you Read More



If you are dealing with empty tags in WordPress you have come to the right place. I have a very simple solution for you to carry out. Thanks to CSS3 we have a selector that will look for anything that is empty in your website and put a “display:none” commend to those empty tags. Dealing Read More

JavaScript Let Visitors Change Background Color


In JavaScript let visitors change background color with the click of a button.  There are more advanced ways to do this however I am going to show you something very simple. The div classes that I will target on this website are site, site-content and entry-content. If you look over in the sidebar to the right Read More

Why Put NoFollow Attributes In Menu Structure?

Why Put NoFollow Attributes In Menu Structure?

Why put nofollow attributes in menu structure? In a nutshell it all boils down to relevance. Every link on your particular web page should have to do with the subject that it is about. In this article I am talking about the nofollow attribute. However if you look above at my menu I have several Read More

HTML Basics For Beginners


HTML Basics For Beginners is a post for the newbies to HTML. HTML is an acronym for Hypertext Markup Language and its really easy to understand. Experiment with HTML Basics You can experiment with HTML right on your computer. You do not have to have any software installed. Below is a code that I want Read More

HTML and FTP Client Editors


Many people out there are looking for ways to edit their website files via FTP, SFTP and FTPS. THere are many great ones out there. Below I am going to share some of the ones that I like to use and other ones that I do not use as much but are still good. Paid Read More