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Using Bing Webmaster Tools

Inbound Links

This is another feature that will let you know what other websites are linking to you and what keyword phrase they are using to do so. This is also called “anchor text” because it’s the text that contains your keyword phrase to anchor to the specific web page. This has to do with your back link strategy using your keyword phrases that we learned in earlier lessons.

Crawl Information

This tool will let you know if Bing bot has any issues crawling your website. It will give you information about what are 301 redirected, 404 errors {not found} and more.

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Just like Google Webmaster Tools Bing will now let you know if your website has been compromised and infected with malware. This can happen from plugins, themes, and a host of other avenues. This is Bing’s version of Malware detection.

Diagnostics and Tools

This next section is all about the diagnostics of your website and the tools that you have to help you improve things about your website. When we first click on this parent category we are again presented with a glance of all the tools that we have at our disposal under this menu item.

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Using Bing Webmaster Tools

Keyword Research

The first child menu is called Keyword Research. This will help us in determining a keyword and its value in the Bing search engine. Basically you type into the keyword search tool the keyword phrase that you would like to use and see the variations of that phrase as Bing interprets them. You will not receive high, medium or low competition but you can see how much it would cost you to bid on that keyword by hovering over the “$” sign. If it is a higher amount then you know that the competition is pretty high to get indexed for that keyword phrase. If the dollar amount is low then you have a better chance at getting indexed in Bing for that keyword phrase.

Link Explorer

Link Explorer is another tool that will show you what sites are linking to specific pages on your website. The other cool thing about this tool is that you can see who is linking to other websites that have your keyword phrases. All you have to do is enter the complete URL and you can see everyone that is linking to it. Check out your competition with this tool!

Fetch as Bingbot

Here is a tool that we used in an earlier lesson as well. Submit the URL’s that you want Bing to index and you are done. Very simple and effective tool so you do not have to wait on the Bing spider to crawl your site.

Markup Validator

In the last lesson we learned about the markup validator in Google Webmaster Tools. Although Bing does not currently have a data highlighter to help them understand where our markups are they do have a way to spider the site and find the markups. You can use this tool to see what they are validating as a markup. Remember that markup data is the data that is retrieved from your database as far as the date, time, title of your articles and more.

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