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Using Bing Webmaster Tools


We have learned some effective ways to get indexed in Google, but what about Bing? Bing’s algorithm is different than Google’s and although they do not share how things are indexed we can learn from testing and seeing what is effective. The first thing that you want to do is go over the following information provided by Bing to make sure that you are keeping up with the latest. Here is what Bing has prepared for webmasters experiencing difficulty being indexed by Bing.

Your site is new and we haven’t discovered and crawled it yet: With new websites it can take Bing time to find links and crawl through to your website. Even if you submit sitemaps or submit pages directly to us via your Webmaster account as described in Submit URLs to Bing, we still need to crawl and assess it before it appears in the index.

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There are no links pointing to your website: A common problem for new websites is a lack of links pointing to it from other places on the web. Not only do links help us discover your content, they also tell us a bit about the popularity of your page. Keep in mind we would rather see links from quality, authoritative websites pointing at you than see hundreds of new links from random sites suddenly appear. The bottom line, however, is that there needs to be, at the very least, one link pointing to your website for us to find it. More quality links are obviously better, but concentrate on getting even a few quality links pointed at your new website by creating compelling, link-worthy content.

Your robots.txt file is preventing us from crawling your site: If you have incorrectly set up your robots.txt file, you may be inadvertently telling Bingbot to not crawl your website. This could potentially keep you from being seen in our index. Check out “How to Create a Robots.txt File” to learn more about how to properly set up a basic robots.txt file.

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You have a <meta name=”robots” content=”NOINDEX”> on your pages: If your pages contain <meta name=”robots” content=”NOINDEX”> in the page’s source code we will not add them to the index.

You have blocked URLs inside your Bing Webmaster Tools: If you have an active Webmaster account with Bing, you may have blocked URLs form showing in our results using the Block URLs tool. Check your account to ensure the URLs you expect to see in the index are not blocked here.

Your site does not meet the quality threshold required by Bing: Bing likes unique, quality content. Websites which replicate content, redirect users quickly, or provide little depth often don’t fare well in our results. Prolonged poor performance can lead us to delist websites to make room for quality websites.

Your website has been assessed a penalty and has been removed from the index:     In rare case where we have found your web site in violation of quality guidelines or we have discovered malware on your site your site may not appear in search results because it has been penalized. Bing communicates directly with website owners via the Webmaster tools to alert them to any malware we detect on a website. Should malware be detected on your website, we will either remove the site from our search results entirely or add a malware warning to the listing to protect our searchers. If you’ve been hit by malware you should follow the Malware Re-Evaluation process.


As outlaid in this lesson, I noticed that in Bing Webmaster Tools the social media platform pages have their own spot in Bing Webmaster Tools. They are not asking this just for nothing, they want to know how many people like your stuff and visiting you from social media pages. I thought this was a very interesting metric for Bing to include in this tool. We can be sure that this is something that they are taking into consideration while indexing your site as well. Are you not glad that you learned how to connect your social media platforms in earlier lessons?

Study the data results, lower your bounce rate. Increase your CTR or click through rate. Bing is interested in giving users results that lead them to websites that have an engaging experience. Give them something to watch, something to click on when at your web page. Keep them there by any creative means necessary. This is how you will be indexed well in Bing!


One thing that has helped me immensely in creating new strategies is to be by myself and let my mind wonder. I watch TV shows on marketing and listen to books like Guerilla Marketing. I surf a lot on the internet and get ideas from other websites as well. There are many different ways to tackle something but strategy is what it’s all about. Although I do not have all the answers I hope that I have been able to help you understand the strategy of web development and why it’s important for businesses to understand and implement the procedures laid out in this course. I recently purchased WebDevelopmentadvisor.com and I will use this site for continued improvements on these web development strategy techniques. This will be a place where my students can share what they have done in their web development strategy projects. Successes as well as failures will be a welcome subject on that site. It will be a place to keep in touch with all the great minds out there that are creating new web development strategies.


Websites are big projects, they are not a part of your business, they are your business in the online world! In this day and age most people only see you through your website and there is nothing more involved. Some may resent the fact that websites have taken the personalization out of the mix but I disagree. We can make our websites very personal. When someone comes to your website they can learn more about you in their leisure than they ever would talking to you for an hour. Some people are just not interested in you personally but in what you have to offer them so they can get in and out quickly. Websites provide a way for fast paced individuals to perform such tasks. Websites will keep you connected to the world and lets you share with the world your thoughts, feelings and whatever you’re into.

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Using Bing Webmaster Tools



[1] Jef I. Richards, J.D. (Indiana University, 1981), Ph.D (University of Wisconsin, 1988), is Professor and Chair of the Department of Advertising + Public Relations at Michigan State University. He was a Professor of Advertising at The University of Texas at Austin, 1988-2010, serving as Department Chairman 1998 to 2002.

His research includes advertising regulatory issues, and he has published more than 80 articles, books, and book chapters. He serves on editorial boards of the Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, the Journal of Advertising Education, the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, the Journal of Consumer Affairs, the Journal of Interactive Advertising, the Advertising & Society Review and the International Journal of Electronic Business.

He also is associate editor of the International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising.

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