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Simple Graphics Editing Tool | Social Media Website Marketing

Simple Graphics Editing Tool-Social Media Website Marketing

Subscribe Are you looking for a simple graphics editing tool that can help you with social media website marketing? Look no further. Pablo by Buffer is what you need. You can edit existing graphics or create new awesome looking graphics in this simple easy to use graphics editing software. In fact the image on this Read More



Subscribe Facebook marketing for your business is fun but it is a lot of work. In this post I will show you how to find people in your niche and market your business to them. It is important that you understand meta data, SEO titles, sharing, graphics and analytics. I will be referring to these Read More

Businesses Giving Wrong Advice To Each Other Online Tragedy Financial Disaster


Subscribe This post is about business giving wrong advice to each other. Sometimes in online business there will be fluctuations. These fluctuations can be cause by a variety of things.  Sales go up and sales go down. When they go down you seek out advice, right? Well, be careful what advice you follow and what Read More



Subscribe Drive massive quality traffic to your website with Google Alerts. In this tutorial I am going to show you some secrets to being notified. You will be notified about articles being published that have to do with your niche.   Drive Massive Quality Traffic The key word here is “Quality Traffic”. You do not Read More


Subscribe This BEGINNERS GUIDE TO AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING will show you how to make money with your own website using an Amazon Affiliate account. Why Should I Become An Amazon Affiliate This is a resource for people who already have a website and are looking to make money with their website with affiliate links that Read More

Sending Emails Every Hour From Server With Limit PHP

email every hour with php

Subscribe Why would you want to send emails every hour from your server? Most servers only allow you to send out 250 emails every hour and some servers only allow you to send out 500 emails a day. Let’s say that you have 5000 subscribers to your blog and you are not using 3rd party applications. Read More

Google Shopping Guerilla Marketing

Subscribe Welcome to Google Shopping Guerilla Marketing.  If you have a product you want to market Google shopping is the place you want to be. Our guinea pig website is When you first go on the website you will see they sell candles and soaps. They already have everything set up as we have Read More

Google Data Highlighter Bing Seo Analyzer Prepare For Google Shopping


Subscribe Introduction: Google data highlighter is a tool that helps Google index. The Bing SEO analyzer is Bing’s tool for indexing. Let’s prepare for Google shopping & google search console. Prerequisites Before you perform what is contained in this lesson you will have to have Google Search Console set up with your website.  If you do Read More

Organic Indexing Submit To Google Or Bing Search Engine Submissions

Subscribe Submitting your products to Google and Bing for indexing is easy after you have the accounts set up.  URL submissions to the search engines are free. This is “Organic Indexing”.   Preliminary Steps Before Submission Remember that your post, products or pages are not indexed until you submit them. So take your time to make Read More

Guerilla Marketing Product and Service Descriptions

Marketing Guerilla Style

Subscribe Welcome to the Guerilla Marketing Course. We as business owners know that in order to be in business we have to have a product or service to sell. Download Audio of this Article Listen to Audio Online Guerilla Marketing Product and Service Descriptions What you may not be aware of is that your Read More

Scripts Boost Visits And Longevity To Website


Subscribe Scripts can boost visits and longevity to your website if used properly. Here is an example of the problem. The Website Visit Problem Someone comes to your website, load the page. They probably have about 200 tabs open in their browser and your website is in one of those tabs. They leave that loaded Read More

Organic Search Engine Optimization Techniques Tutorial


Subscribe This is an organic search engine optimization techniques tutorial for your website pages. This article has many search engine optimization tips that you can take advantage of. We are going to start with adwords keyword planner as our main SEO tool. We will filter the keyword phrases for our search engine ranking. To make your job a little Read More


writing deep content

Subscribe WRITING DEEP CONTENT THAT IS INDEXED “Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.” Jim Rohn The key to picking subject matter varies from website to website. It is very helpful if your website is covering one certain overall theme. For instance if your website is Read More

Search Engine Optimization SEO Has Changed

SEO search engine optimization

Subscribe Search Engine Optimization SEO Has Changed Search engine optimization SEO has changed. Google is constantly refining their search results to try to be the best at what they do. This may be frustrating to some of us that were using the keyword planner and analytics to help us with a better rank in the Read More

SEO Tutorial


Subscribe SEO Tutorial This can be a SEO tutorial for beginners intermediate or advanced users. The principles are the same and all laid out for you here. This is a SEO tutorial step by step so be ready to spend at least 20 minutes at your computer while you learn these steps. In this free SEO tutorial you Read More