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This BEGINNERS GUIDE TO AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING will show you how to make money with your own website using an Amazon Affiliate account.

Why Should I Become An Amazon Affiliate

This is a resource for people who already have a website and are looking to make money with their website with affiliate links that they can add into their posts or on their pages. To be an Amazon Affiliate you need to have a website of your own to place ads on. If you don’t have a website you can purchase one HERE.

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A1WebsitePro store for purchasing domain

A1WebsitePro store for purchasing domain

You will learn how to place Amazon Affiliate ads on your website. This is an example of an ad with text and image.

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When visitors click on the ad and make a purchase then you will get a kickback from their purchase.

Amazon Affiliate Purchase For Kickback

Amazon Affiliate Purchase For Kickback

Can I Still Make Money With Amazon If I Don’t Have A Website?

Amazon does ask you for your website when you create an affiliate account. There are still ways to make money with Amazon apart from your website. When you are logged into Amazon there are links at the top that let you “Share” on social media.

Amazon Affilliate Share On Social Media

Amazon Affilliate Share On Social Media

That way you can share product links that you feel your friends, colleagues or other followers on Facebook or Twitter would like to purchase. This could even work great for clubs or social groups that have particular interests.

How Do I Know If It Works?

You can check your earnings at any time by visiting the “Earnings” link in the top right corner of your screen when you are on Amazon.com.

View Amazon Affiliate Earnings

View Amazon Affiliate Earnings

More About Amazon Affiliate Marketing

It’s easy to make money this way and a lot of people are into it. That is why the Amazon affiliate program is one of the biggest affiliate sites out there.  Get started today by going to https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/fill out the form and you are on your way.

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