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Are you looking for a simple graphics editing tool that can help you with social media website marketing? Look no further. Pablo by Buffer is what you need. You can edit existing graphics or create new awesome looking graphics in this simple easy to use graphics editing software. In fact the image on this post was created with Pablo by Buffer. Let me show you how this is done.

Pablo Interface Simple Graphics Editing Tool

The Pablo interface is easy to navigate. Navigate to and you can see how simple the interface is. Lets examine the layout to explore what options are available to you in this Simple Graphics Editing Tool.

Simple Graphics Editing Tool

Top Of Pablo Interface

There are 3 different options across the top of the Pablo interface. The first one is a drop down labeled “Pablo”. Here you can add the chrome extension for Pablo. You may also read the licence and examine the FAQ page from this drop down.

Templates Center Top Of Page

You will see Templates at the center top portion of the page. This will help you get started quickly with a graphic. If you are looking for a quick promotion, announcement or a quote this is a fast easy way to get the job done.

Right Top Of Page Buffer Promotion

The link at the top right of the page is a Buffer promotion. I love to use buffer with Pablo because they make it so easy to sync it with your social media posts. You can schedule posts or publish them right away.

Left Column Of Pablo

On the left side of the screen you can see an assortment of stock images. You can also search over 600 thousand images to find the one you need. Another option that you have is to upload your own image by clicking the grey upload image button.


Center Of The Simple Graphics Editing Tool Pablo

The center of the Pablo screen shows you what the graphic will look like. The work space is your canvas. Manipulate text by double clicking inside the text box and start typing. Changing the text style format and color is a sinch in Pablo.


Reposition In Pablo

If you need to reposition an image in Pablo it is easy to do. Click on the reposition link and scale image then you will be able to move the image around and crop it. When finished click on the blue “done” button.

reposition Pablo

Exploring The Right Side

If we look at the right side of the screen and explore that, we see we have some other options. The top part helps us to size our pictures for different social media platforms. The second part lets us control the filters on our images. The third part controls the text for the header, body or a caption at the base of the graphic. If you turn on the body and click the arrow beside “Add Quotes” then different quotes will appear. You may browse through many quotes that you can use on your graphic. Finally at the base you will have the option to insert a logo or another graphic on top of the graphic that you already have in there.

pablo right side of screen

Social Media Website Marketing

There are many different ways to market your website on social media. Creating a great featured image will help you get more traffic.



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Simple Graphics Editing Tool-Social Media Website Marketing

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