How do you get on the do not call or text list? Well, that part is straightforward.  Just go to the do not call or text government websites and add your phone numbers. If you want to know what is legal and not legal, look at the government PDF sheet. It still looks like charities and non-profit organizations can still call. However, after I put in my phone numbers about 6 months ago I still get calls, why? Because only legitimate companies use the “Do NOt Call or Text” registry. Scammers and spammers are not legitimate, so why would they care, right?

Taking Revenge For Unwanted Calls or Texts

There is a website that is set up for getting revenge on the caller or texter. The name of the website is “I Said Do Not Call Me“. The point of this is to get revenge on the person trying to call you. It will call them repeatedly and flood their lines so they cannot make any calls. However, this does not always work, so there is another way.

Get On The Do Not Call Or Text NOMOROBO List

Besides the government website listed above, you can get on the NOMOROBO list to stop spam calls and spam texts. This is a free service but you have to download an app for it to work. There are also options to enter a landline number.

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Get On The Do Not Call Or Text NOMOROBO List


Verizon Call Filter

If you have Verizon you can use their call filter feature. Of course they always have the premium call filter option where you can see caller ID and a few other things. The basic is $2.99 and the premium is $7.99.

ATT Block Calls and text Feature

ATT has a block feature as well. Click the link for instructions on how to set it up.

Robo Killer

Robokiller is another service for blocking spammers. It blocks calls and text messages. You can try it for free for 7 days then there is a monthly premium for the service. You can pay annually at $39.99 a year or monthly at $4.99.

If you want to know how to turn those spam calls into cash then read on!

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