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A1WEBSITEPRO is a service based company. Mainly we use the web development app to keep people updated about their projects. However we do respond to the articles that we post on our website in order to help people understand more about web development.

Linux server under a DDoS attack from an IP address? | Easy Instructions

Linux server under a DDoS attack from an IP address

Subscribe Find out what IP addresses are connected to your server. [code]sudo apt-get install net-tools -y[/code] Check Server Load Be sure to check when everything is running normally, so you have a base number to compare it to. [code]grep processor /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l[/code] Checking Your Network Load We need to install nload for this Read More

Businesses Giving Wrong Advice To Each Other Online Tragedy Financial Disaster


Subscribe This post is about business giving wrong advice to each other. Sometimes in online business there will be fluctuations. These fluctuations can be cause by a variety of things.  Sales go up and sales go down. When they go down you seek out advice, right? Well, be careful what advice you follow and what Read More

GDPR Compliance What You NEED To Do

GDPR Compliance What You Need To Do

Subscribe This article will discuss GDPR Compliance, and What You NEED To Do before the deadline on May 25th. This will include the need to edit your Privacy Policies, Terms of Service and any other Data Policies that you may have to fully inform website users of their rights along with acquiring their consent to Read More

Use Cloudflare DNS Content Delivery Network

Use Cloudflare DNS Content Delivery Network

Subscribe This tutorial will show you how to use cloudflare DNS as a CDN {Content Delivery Network}. the process is fairly simple. You will have to log into 2 places. First log into your domain registrar and then Cloudflare. How To Use Cloudflare The first thing that you want to do is start an account at Read More

Understanding Stop Words Search Engine Optimization Google Bing Yahoo


Subscribe What Is A Stop Word? Stop words are words that every website uses. “Stop Words” was a term coined to describe the words search engines are programmed to ignore. Here is a small list of stop words. a and is on of or the was with I hope you get the idea. Take a Read More

Point Nameservers To Amazon Web Hosting Services

Point Namservers To Amazon Web Hosting Services

Subscribe Want to know how to Point Nameservers To Amazon Web Hosting Services? In this tutorial we will learn how to do that. Route 53 Domain Name Registration Start by logging into your Amazon EC2 Account. Navigate to Route 53 Domain Name registration. Click on DNS Management. This is if you already bought the domain.  If Read More

How To Change Nameservers At Registrar

How To Change Nameservers At Registrar

Subscribe This is how you change nameservers at registrar. You will do this when you move from one server to another server. The purpose of changing a nameserver is to point your domain to another server. Steps To Changing Nameservers Getting Nameserver Addresses. When you purchased your new hosting plan you should have been emailed Read More

Google Shopping Guerilla Marketing

Subscribe Welcome to Google Shopping Guerilla Marketing.  If you have a product you want to market Google shopping is the place you want to be. Our guinea pig website is When you first go on the website you will see they sell candles and soaps. They already have everything set up as we have Read More

Why A1WEBSITEPRO Is Cost Effective To The Consumer

Why A1WEBSITEPRO Is Cost Effective To The Consumer

Subscribe So why is A1WEBSITEPRO cost effective to a consumer than other web development companies? This answer may shock some while others in the business have known this for a long time. A1WEBSITEPRO has a “Real Web Developer” while the other so called web development companies are only salespeople.  They contract out the work to Read More



Subscribe Qualifications: 20 Years + experience in the following computer languages. HTML Hypertext Markup Language  PHP pre hypertext preprocessor  CSS Cascading Stylesheets  JavaScript  MySql Databases  ASP.NET  Access  SQL  Node.js  And many many more WHY AM I ADVERTISING ON CRAIGSLIST & OTHER CLASSIFIEDS? Many people think they are getting a “deal” hiring someone working out of Read More

Fast High Quality Answers For Your Technical Questions

Fast High Quality Answers For Your Technical Questions

Subscribe I am happy and exitited to release a new feature on entitle “Fast High Quality Answers For Your Technical Questions”. This is going to be one of our highest visited pages. We answer approximately 100 technical questions a day in emails. You will notice a red help button at the top of our page Read More

If You Are A Webmaster Make This Your Homepage

make this your home page

Subscribe If you are a webmaster make this your homepage or at least bookmark it. Every time you publish a post or page that you want indexed in search engines this will be your ultimate resource tool! Copy The Page URL AFTER you’re completely done and published it. Submit URL to Google Search Engine You Read More

Providing Mac Support Future of PC Microsoft HoloLens


Subscribe Providing Mac support was a hard decision for me. I am a PC guy and have been for 25 years. However I have also worked with Mac’s in the past, I just wasn’t that crazy about them. However many of my clients have Mac’s so I felt compelled to buy 4 mac computers and Read More

How to Change Password Linksys Router

change password on linksys router

Subscribe Overview on Routers and why you should change your passwords Distrust and caution are the parents of security. -Benjamin Franklin This is a tutorial on how to change your password on your Linksys Router . It is inevitable that we must change our passwords from time to time on our routers whether they be Read More

Transfer WordPress Site New Domain or New Server

Subscribe Transfer WordPress Site New Domain or New Server Host There are several options to transfer WordPress site. We are going to start with the easy way and then we are going to work our way up to the more difficult way. We are going to base this tutorial on skill level.  Transferring a WordPress Read More