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How To Change Nameservers At Registrar

This is how you change nameservers at registrar. You will do this when you move from one server to another server. The purpose of changing a nameserver is to point your domain to another server.

Steps To Changing Nameservers

Getting Nameserver Addresses.

When you purchased your new hosting plan you should have been emailed name server addresses. You should get at least 2 addresses. They will be something like ns1.something.com and ns2.something.com

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Setting the New Nameservers

Log into the registrar where you bought the domain name. There are many companies where you can buy domains. We are going to use A1WEBSITEPRO.COM  as the registrar but all legitimate companies have something similar.

Look for a section called “Domains” and click on manage.

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How To Change Nameservers At Registrar

How To Change Nameservers At Registrar

You will get something that looks like this. If you have more than one domain name they are listed here.

Domain Name List

Domain Name List

Click on the domain name that you want to point to your new server. We will use one of my domains atozcms.com for this example. After we click on it you will screen like below. Look for a section called nameservers. Click on manage.

Changing Nameservers

Changing Nameservers


When clicking on “manage” you will see a box pop up like this one. Make sure that you click on “Custom” for your new nameserver. Then click “Edit Nameservers”.

Managing the Nameservers

Managing the Nameservers

When clicking on “Edit Nameservers” another box will appear. Put your new name server addresses into this box and hit the OK button.

Edit your Nameserver

Edit your Nameserver

Propagation for Name Server Changes

This is a propagation time for the changes to take place. What is propagation? It is the time it takes for the changes to take effect. If you have a website with a lot of content and back links to it then it can take up to 72 hours for this to happen. Most of the time though it only takes a few minutes.

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How To Change Nameservers At Registrar

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