How To Troubleshoot iCloud Email Filters

How To Troubleshoot iCloud Email Filters

Are you missing emails in your iCloud email account? Your email filters could be causing the issue. Junk Mail Filters * Like most email programs, iCloud has an automatic filtering system put in place to try to prevent Spam messages from arriving in their Read More

Disable PHP On A Directory With Htaccess

If you need to disable php on a directory with htaccess here is your script. Open up your text editor and paste this code in it. Upload it to the directory that you do not want PHP code executed. Most folders that are hacked in WordPress are… wp-content/uploads/ wp-includes Upload this htaccess file to those Read More

Find Track Down That Filthy Spammer AND BLOCK THEM!

What Your Will Learn Here * How to get a list of scripts that are emailing on your server. Get the IP address of the spammer Block the IP address Log Into Your Server * Log into your server via SSH. These are terminal commands and cannot be Read More