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A1WEBSITEPRO has events like school classes for those interested in Web Design and Development. Sometimes there is just news to report on updated or new technology. You can find that information in this part of our website.

A1WEBSITEPRO Announces New Work Space App User Friendly Interface

Subscribe There is a new work space app here at A1WEBSITEPRO with a user friendly interface. We know people are busy and emails get cluttered. We programmed an app that will take the mystery your of your project status. Monitoring your projects will now be a breeze. The Work Space App is mobile responsive so Read More

Why A1WEBSITEPRO Is Cost Effective To The Consumer

Why A1WEBSITEPRO Is Cost Effective To The Consumer

Subscribe So why is A1WEBSITEPRO cost effective to a consumer than other web development companies? This answer may shock some while others in the business have known this for a long time. A1WEBSITEPRO has a “Real Web Developer” while the other so called web development companies are only salespeople.  They contract out the work to Read More

How to Connect an External Monitor to a Laptop

projector options

Subscribe Overview In this article we will teach you how to connect and external monitor to a Latop.  The next thing we will talk about is “Chromecast” and how to hook it up. If you like watching T.V. from your laptop, tablet or smart phone then I have some good news for you! The third Read More

YouTube Says Goodbye?

Subscribe YouTube says goodbye? Well I am sure this has created quite a stir in the video community. YouTube receives thousands of submissions a day and announces that today 04/01/2013 that they will be deleting their site in order to pick the best video of all time. So in order for you to receive the reward of $500 and Read More

Web Development in Boardman Ohio

web development and design

Subscribe Web Development in Boardman Ohio is in big demand. Many companies are seeing more and more the value of having a website on the internet. However there may be things that you may now know about web development in Boardman Ohio. Web Development in Boardman Ohio There are more things to look for in Read More

SEO What it is and what it isn’t

SEO What It Is And What It Isn't

Subscribe I could not have said it better article myself thanks to a client of mine I will post the article that I think derserves a good read. You can reference the article HERE I have posted a quick outline of this SEO blueprint in a thread about AMR and people started giving me rep Read More

Google begins penalizing search ‘over-optimization’

SEO Over Optimization Penalty

Subscribe Well folks I got this from a client of mine and I knew it was coming sooner or later “Google begins penalizing search ‘over-optimization’”. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in trying to SEO the heck out of websites that we forget that they are intended for people. In an article by Cameron Scott Read More