Google begins penalizing search ‘over-optimization’

Well folks I got this from a client of mine and I knew it was coming sooner or later “Google begins penalizing search ‘over-optimization'”. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in trying to SEO the heck out of websites that we forget that they are intended for people. In an article by Cameron Scott we see that Google’s spam chief Matt Cutts is going to start implementing new procedures in Google’s algorithm and start to penalize sites that are basing their SEO off of they way algorithms supposedly work instead of making their sites human friendly. I have always research and followed Matt Cutts videos on YouTube and articles on Google news and he repeatedly said to make your sites human friendly. I am glad now that I have taken his advice and did not try to optimize sites according to a computer algorithm. The strange things that algorithms do sometimes do not add up to the human experience. Websites are created for humans and not the other way around. There are some real tetchy things about websites this is true but adding key words over and over again just to get a high rating was just irritating to many of us and I for one am glad to see that change.
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