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The YouTube Advantage is more than just a place to host you videos now. They are becoming a fully fledged social media platform. See these articles for in depth discussion on using YouTube to your advantage.  Soon 80% or more of the internet will be all videos.

Save Money With YouTube

Use YouTube to save bandwidth on your website and make more money. If you get 1000 subscribers or more you YouTube you can then become a YouTube partner and make some advertising dollars and that is another YouTube Advantage!

Make Great Video Content

You will want to make great video content for Youtube. Some of the biggest YouTubers are bringing in over $100,00 a month, thats right I said a MONTH! Making great video content is key to success on YouTube.

YouTube Advantage Details

There are many details when it comes to having a YouTube Advantage. You have to tag your videos, add descriptions and more. You must also learn to rank your videos in YouTube with a great catchy title.

Marketing YouTube Videos

You’re not done yet, now you need to market those videos. You can do that through your website and other social media platforms. Don’t forget you can also do Search Engine Marketing with your videos as well. It all depends on how you write your content in your video descriptions.

pictory ai Create Stunning Videos

Pictory AI: Create Stunning Videos in Minutes! Unleash the Power! Pictory AI is an innovative new tool that allows users to create stunning, professional-quality videos using artificial intelligence. This powerful tool is incredibly easy to use, even for those who have no prior video editing experience. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look Read More

How To Find Thieves Stealing Your YouTube videos and Uploading to Their Channels

This post is about how to find thieves stealing your YouTube videos and uploading to their channels. There is nothing more frustrating than working so hard on your content and videos and then having some thief stealing them and uploading to their channels. We need to punish these people, but you need to find them Read More

Ajax In WordPress Tutorial Ultimate Beginners Guide

This is an Ajax in WordPress tutorial. Let it serve as an ultimate beginner’s guide for you. I have already made several posts on Ajax and how to use it. However, this is my first post for using Ajax in WordPress. I think you will enjoy this lesson with all the codes and video instruction. Read More

Create A Great Video For YouTube

In this day and age we need to be able to create a great video for  YouTube and other social media platforms. Why? Because people would much rather see a video than read. Do not ask me if this is right or wrong it is just the way it is. So, with that being said Read More

Create Featured Image With GIMP WordPress YouTube Social Media

Create featured image with GIMP for WordPress, YouTube or any other social media platform. The process is easy you just need to know the dimensions or ratios. I am going to share those with you here. First though, I am going to show you how to create it yourself. If you are in a hurry Read More

YouTube Rank Checker Online

Use a YouTube Rank Checker to compare your videos, view stats, grow your channel and get keywords. This is done with the good folks over at TubeBuddy. One of the most difficult things that you will do in the creation process is collect data. You have to determine a few things, do you not? You Read More

Add YouTube Subscribe Button On Your Website

Add a YouTube subscribe button on your website to increase subscribers. This little task is fast and friendly and only takes a couple of minutes. The benefits to doing this is convenience for the people that visit your site. How The YouTube Subscribe Button Works It is important to keep in mind how the YouTube Read More

YouTube New Social Features For Business

YouTube new social features for business! There are YouTube features that allow you to send and receive friend requests. YouTube also created the ability to private chat with one or more people privately. So how do the features work? How can you use them to increase your business and audience engagement? Get More Subscribes on Read More

YouTube Bans Gun Videos Remove Gun Videos While You Still Can

In an announcement on my YouTube channel yesterday I read that YouTube will be banning videos with guns. This includes gun assembly, bump stocks and more. While this may make a lot of gun enthusiast upset there is something that you must keep in mind. YouTube Is Not “We The People” YouTube is not governed Read More

Delete Video On YouTube Instructions

You may need to delete a video on YouTube. Here are some instructions on how to delete a video in your creator studio. Your layout may look a little different, but the area is the same. If you want to save a backup before you delete the video, CLICK HERE for easy instructions. Delete Video Read More

Video editing and optimization

  Follow these Download Video YouTube Easy Instructions to download a video from your YouTube account. First, click on your little round icon in the top right corner of your screen when you are on YouTube. Navigate to Creator Studio in the menu. If you have any videos you want to download click on Video Read More


This video shows you how to shrink your video and keep the same quality using handbreak. You can download the program here.

Below is a list of our latest tutorials on YouTube related topics. This tutorial is for everyone who uses YouTube, from the beginner level to visitors who have their own YouTube channels. YouTube is a great social network for people to view videos, follow their favorite celebrities, learn new skills, make money and so much Read More