Edit Movies with Windows Live Movie Maker

This video tutorial is how to Edit Movies with Windows Live Movie Maker. before watching this video tutorial you will have to have had a movie already downloaded to your computer in a format like avi, mpeg, mp4 or other formats. Making movies are fun you can add titles and descriptions. In this video tutorial I also show you how to spit clips and trim clips. you only limitation is your imagination. We also cover how to add titles before and after a movie and text comments during a movie. Windows Live movie make is available on virtually any PC. You can go to your start menu and just loof for Windows Live Movie Maker and you can get started. This video tutorail is for beginners and I cover the basics of windows live movie maker. You can also do a fast movie and I cover that as well. If you want to add a music background have your mp3 or wav file ready to import to the movie.  Edit Movies with Windows Live Movie Maker.

Edit Movies with Windows Live Movie Maker was last modified: May 14th, 2015 by Maximus Mccullough

edit movies with Windows-Live-Movie-Maker

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