YouTube New Social Features For Business

YouTube new social features for business! There are YouTube features that allow you to send and receive friend requests. YouTube also created the ability to private chat with one or more people privately. So how do the features work? How can you use them to increase your business and audience engagement?

Get More Subscribes on YouTube

You want to get more subscribers on Youtube, especially if you are a YouTube partner and create videos. However, if you own a business online you will want to listen up. Experts predict by as soon as 2019 that 80% of online traffic will be videos! You as a business cannot ignore this.

Video Predictions For Future Web

Bring up your subscriber base now with the YouTube new social features. As you can see on my website I also included an easy way for people to subscribe to my YouTube channel right on my website. Here is a little preview of what it looks like. Make sure you subscribe because the next video I post I am going to show you how to put one in your website.

subscribe button for YouTube

Send Friend Requests On YouTube

You can new send friend requests on YouTube. There is a new little chat icon in the upper right if you are on your desktop. Click on that.

chat icon youtube

That will open up into something bigger. Click on the blue friends link.

Friend Requests YouTube

Now you should see something that looks like this. It will be your link to put on your website and send out in your newsletters.

Friend Requests Link on YouTube

Lets be friends on YouTube by clicking my link here!

Friend Requests On YouTube In Action

Here is what friend requests on YouTube look like in action after someone clicks your link. You will get an email that looks like this. Click on “view invitation”.

Friend Requests YouTub Link

Next you will see this screen, click accept.

accept YouTube friend requests invitation

Now you and your friend are connected on YouTube.

Connected On YourTube

Mobile YouTube

You will also get notifications on your mobile YouTube app. Here’s what it would look like.

Mobile connection friend request

Places to post your link from YouTube

You can post your link from YouTube just about anywhere to get friend requests. I posted mine on my social media page Facebook. I was surprised when I saw the friend request rolling in so easily. You can post this link and emails, social media pages, PDFs and more. I think one of the most important places to post it would be on your website.

Chat with friends on YouTube

Now you have the capability to chat with your friends with YouTube new social features. You can do this in a private messenger and add as many people as you want.

Community features on YouTube

The community features on YouTube or more interactive now. You could use the @to tag other channels. You can also do polls share videos and even images now. Here’s an image of what my looks like right now.

YouTube community channel


There is no doubt the videos are going to play a big part in the future web. It will be important that you have the right software to create these awesome videos. Even Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are all including videos as part of their platform. Right now you can get a discount on Adobe products. I use Adobe Premier Pro and after affects to edit my videos. I will be having some absolute beginner courses on this software. Make sure you subscribe to the blog and to get the Adobe discount click here.




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YouTube New Social Features For Business

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