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In this day and age we need to be able to create a great video for  YouTube and other social media platforms. Why? Because people would much rather see a video than read. Do not ask me if this is right or wrong it is just the way it is. So, with that being said the next question you may have is, “How can I create a great video for  YouTube and other social media platforms?”

Lighting Will Make or Break You

No matter how expensive your camera is your lighting will make or break you. There are tons of videos  on YouTube and other places that will explain the lighting and how you should utilize it but here is a short simple breakdown. First off if you are shooting inside you should be using 3 lights.

  1. Key Light
  2. Fill Light
  3. Back Light

Lighting Details for Video

OK, lets go over these 3 lights and consider what they do. Understanding lighting is everything when shooting a high quality video. In all reality even the cheapest video cameras can take decent video if the lighting is right so keep that in mind when shooting.

Key Light

The key light is the brightest light, think of it as a spot light if you will. This light will illuminate your key subject.

Fill Light

The next light is the “Fill Light” and it does exactly what it is named. It fills in or lights the dark shadows caused by the “Key Light”. This light is dimmer than the Key Light because you do not want the 2 competing but have them compliment each other. You can use some type of diffusion with this light like a cheesecloth. If you buy a studio lighting kit they come with diffusers.

The Backlight

In order to separate the subject from the background we use a “Backlight”. This light will not need any diffusion since any shadows that this light makes will not be seen by the camera.

Indoor Light Placement For Videos

Indoor Light Placement For Videos


Studio Lighting Deals

Studio lighting has really come down in price and I have found the best deals with the highest quality to be on eBay. Click here to check them out. 

studio lighting on ebay

Lighting Intensity

Depending on what you are going for you can adjust the strength of the lights. Some lighting kits even come with 4 bulbs in each lighting apparatus so you can shut 2 off while illuminating the other 2.  You may also use different covers to get the effect you are looking for.

I found this following video to be helpful.

Affordable Cameras That Take Great Video

You do not have to drain your savings account these days to get a great camera. Like we discussed the lighting is more important than the camera. I would have to say though that you must use a tripod, if you do not use a tripod you will be sorry later.

4K Camera

I always look for at least 4K when I am shopping for a camera. I know they go up to a lot higher than that but 4K will give you a great looking video. Check out these deals on eBay.

Cameras on eBay


Outdoor Lighting & Tripod

This is the best light you can get really, use the Sun to light up your videos. However, you should shoot in the morning or the evening, never shoot in the afternoon because it will make your video too bright. Keep in mind that you should always use a Tripod when shooting pictures and almost always when you are shooting video unless it is an action shot.

Here are some great deals on tripods.

Tripod Camera Stand

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Create A Great Video For YouTube

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