YouTube Bans Gun Videos Remove Gun Videos While You Still Can

In an announcement on my YouTube channel yesterday I read that YouTube will be banning videos with guns. This includes gun assembly, bump stocks and more. While this may make a lot of gun enthusiast upset there is something that you must keep in mind.

YouTube Is Not “We The People”

We The People

We The People

YouTube is not governed by the US congress or even the President. YouTube is owned by Google. What they say goes and it does not matter what individuals think or even what the United States thinks as a whole. There are many other policies on YouTube that you may not be aware of. YouTube creators in the past have got their channel shut down for not abiding by these policies.

You have no rights with YouTube. They can shut your channel down at anytime without notice. Additionally, they can block some of your videos or even all of them. They can take down your channel and if you do not have a backup of your videos they will be lost forever. I suggest you watch our video on how to download your videos from YouTube to create a back up just in case.

Is This The End Of Guns?

Is YouTube's gun video ban the end of guns?

Is YouTube’s gun video ban the end of guns?

This is not the end of guns, or your favourite 300 blackout ammo. Only the end of YouTube placing gun videos on their platform. I think though this is going to open pandora’s box for a new social media video network for guns.

List Your Guns Your Own Website

Get your own website to show your gun videos

Get your own website to show your gun videos

For about $35 can have you a website up and running where you have the control. The first thing you will have to do is get a domain name. Click on the link at where it says get a domain name. Then email me and tell me that you want a website set up right away so you can upload your gun content. Within 48 hours you will be back in business!

For years I have been telling people to get their own website domain name. I think this illustrates the point that you cannot depend on other platforms to do the right thing. If you have social media platforms that you market on just remember, You DO NOT own those platforms.

Act Quickly

Act Fast

Act Fast

If you got what it takes to create a video gun website then you must act quickly. This change coming on YouTube has people already gearing up. Contact me at your earliest convenience and I can have you up and running in 48 hours.


Check out these YouTube tutorials to help you comply while you still have time to help prevent YouTube from blocking your YouTube channel:

CLICK HERE to learn how to save a backup of your videos.

CLICK HERE to learn how to delete a video from YouTube.

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YouTube Bans Gun Videos Remove Gun Videos While You Still Can

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