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Use a YouTube Rank Checker to compare your videos, view stats, grow your channel and get keywords. This is done with the good folks over at TubeBuddy. One of the most difficult things that you will do in the creation process is collect data. You have to determine a few things, do you not? You need to make your creation worth your time and worth the time of your audience. This is where the YouTube rank checker comes in from TubeBuddy.

YouTube Rank Checker Calculating Effort & Cost

With the YouTube Rank Checker you can calculate the effort and cost before totally committing to a project. Let’s face it some things are just not worth our time. I have ton’s of articles that I would love to write but Google and YouTube dictate what is best for me to write. This article I am writing right now is an example of that. In my Google Search Console I am coming up in a lot of searches for “YouTube Rank Checker”. I imagine it is because all of the posts that I have on YouTube on this website.  Calculating the effort and costs are an important piece to being successful at what we do.

Getting Tube Buddy The YouTube Rank Checker

Get TubeBuddy right now by clicking here. You will be prompted to install an extension into your browser. This will be important for you to do in order to benefit from the features. I have been using it for over 3 months now and there are others that have been using it longer. There is a free version but there are also different levels of TubeBuddy that you can purchase.

Research The Competition

I am going to research the competition with my YouTube Rank Checker from TubeBuddy. So the first thing that I will do is enter my keyword phrase into the YouTube search engine.  When I do I see a list of video being populated down the center of the page. On the right I can see the stats from TubeBuddy. It looks like I have fair competition and my searches are more in the red than in the green. If I had not looked at my Google Search Console I probably would not of even considered writing about this subject. I played around with the title to try and get a better search volume and lower competition. I ended up taking YouTube Rank Checker Online and saw that I had a lot lower competition so I am going to name my video that. Compare the 2 graphics below.



Stealing Competitors KeyWords

With our YouTube Rank checker from TubeBuddy we can also steal the Keywords our competitors are using to rank. We will click on the top video and research what this guy did to reach that #1 spot. When I open up the video I can see all the data and keywords that I need on the right. The video itself was pretty worthless. The guy is directing you to to enter a keyword and see where videos rank but you can do the same exact thing on YouTube. He more or less promotes his concrete business believe it or not. Although I will use some of the keywords I am definitely not using all of them like the names mentioned as video tags.




There are a lot of vidoes out there on TUbeBuddy. TubeBuddy themselves make quite a bit of them. Sign up for an account and get started. Good Luck!


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