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Summernote How To Store Images and Entries in MySQL Without Base 64

Summernote How To Store Images and Entries in MySQL Without Base 64

In this tutorial, we will show you how to store images and entries in MySQL without base 64 encoding. Base 64 encoding will bloat your database. The way I show you how to do it here will not bloat your database. You can download summernote here, however you do not need to download it for Read More

Setting Wallpaper Desktop Background Image in Linux Mint

Setting Wallpaper Desktop Background Image in Linux Mint

To set the wallpaper desktop background in Linux Mint navigate to your picture folder. Right click on any image that you want as your wall paper then select “wallpaper”. It’s really that easy. Background Images & Settings Additionally you can go to your search and type in “Backgrounds” and see all the backgrounds that you Read More

How To Bulk Compress Images | Caesium Image Optimizer Windows

how to bulk compress images Caesium Image Optimizer Windows

Sometimes you need to bulk compress images, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of them. There are, of course, many ways we can do this, but I want to show you this little app that I use on my Windows computer called Caesium. It is free and lightweight 15.3MB download. If you are a developer and Read More

Bulk Rotate Images | Left or Right | 90 Degrees | 180 Degrees | Windows | iPhone


If you want to rotate your image left or right at 90 degrees or 180 degrees the process is simple in Windows. Recently I had a client send me their photos from their iPhone and all their images were turned to the left 90 degrees. We needed to upload the images to a gallery online. Read More

Organize Google Drive Files and Folders

organize files and folders in google drive

Recently my friend asked me how to organize files and folders on “Google Drive”. What was happening is that the interface differed from Windows 10 “File Explorer” for displaying the folders or directories. This led to much confusion, so this is my attempt to make the process a little more understandable. Folder Structure Think of Read More

Cutting Pasting | Libre Office Writer | Cool Hacks Tips Tricks

Cutting Pasting Libre Office Writer Cool Hacks Tips Tricks

Cutting, Pasting, Libre Office Writer? You will notice that there are several different pasting options in Libre Office Writer. What do they all mean? You have come to the right place to find out. Lets go  over some cool hacks tips and tricks. Cutting and Pasting in Libre There is more to cutting and pasting Read More

Facebook Pulling Wrong Image | Website Posts Share | Easy Fix | 5 Minutes

Facebook Pulling Wrong Image

Is Facebook pulling the wrong image from your website when you share website posts? Here is an easy fix you can do in 5 minutes. Facebook Debugger Tool For Incorrect Images Facebook has a debugger tool that you can use to help scrape the latest image from your post. Remember that Facebook caches your website Read More

Create Featured Image With GIMP | WordPress | YouTube | Social Media

Create Featured Image With GIMP WordPress YouTube Social Media

Create featured image with GIMP for WordPress, YouTube or any other social media platform. The process is easy you just need to know the dimensions or ratios. I am going to share those with you here. First though, I am going to show you how to create it yourself. If you are in a hurry Read More

Simple Graphics Editing Tool | Social Media Website Marketing

Simple Graphics Editing Tool-Social Media Website Marketing

Are you looking for a simple graphics editing tool that can help you with social media website marketing? Look no further. Pablo by Buffer is what you need. You can edit existing graphics or create new awesome looking graphics in this simple easy to use graphics editing software. In fact the image on this post Read More

SEO Page Preparation Before Marketing | Strategy Tips


SEO Page Preparation starts with the very first thing you write. This would be the title of your post. This marketing strategy SEO tip should keep you focused on the subject you are writing about. Often times people tend to stray from the subject and leaving a reader and search engines confused. One of the Read More

Fix Hacked WordPress Infected With Malware The Professional Way A1WebsitePro


Fix Hacked WordPress infected with malware the professional way. There are many tutorials out there on the web on how to fix a hacked WordPress website. The way professionals fix a hacked WordPress is much different. We fix hacked WordPress websites on a weekly basis. The best place to get it fixed is a specialist Read More

YouTube New Social Features For Business

YouTube New Social Features For Business

YouTube new social features for business! There are YouTube features that allow you to send and receive friend requests. YouTube also created the ability to private chat with one or more people privately. So how do the features work? How can you use them to increase your business and audience engagement? Get More Subscribes on Read More



Processing forms in PHP7 for beginners can be hard to understand. Let’s break it down for you before we actually start coding. In the last lesson we manually created URL query strings.  We then used the $_GET method to get sections of the string and display them on a page. In programming we call this Read More

Adding Hover Effect On Mobile Devices

Have you ever tried to add a hover effect for mobile devices? Well the truth of the matter is that you cannot do it. Hover effects require you to have a mouse that you can use to hover over an element. This is not the case with touch screens. Some people do work around with Read More

Store Image Uploads On Server With Summernote Not Base 64

Store Image Uploads On Server With Summernote Not Base 64

Store Image Uploads On Server With Summernote, not the default base 64! If you do image uploads through Summernote you will notice that it stores base 64 code for the image. If you are saving that kind of code in your database you will notice that it bloats the database. This will cause lag time Read More