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SEO Page Preparation starts with the very first thing you write. This would be the title of your post. This marketing strategy SEO tip should keep you focused on the subject you are writing about. Often times people tend to stray from the subject and leaving a reader and search engines confused. One of the hardest things to do when making a post is to stay focused on that particular subject.

SEO Page Preparation Focus On The Title

For SEO page preparation we need to be focused on the title. If we find ourselves straying away from that subject then it may be time to take a step back. In a previous post I talked about stop words and what they were, how to avoid them. There is more to it that just avoiding stop words. Make sure you know a lot about the subject you are writing about. This will help you create a title that keeps you focused. Videos and blogs are very informative sources to learn about managing content.

Title Length for SEO

You have about 83 spaces available for your title length that you can use in a search engine. Google extended this from 55 characters a while back. Take advantage of every space. The title is the most important part of your audit seo strategy. This makes your page more marketable for the content as well.

First Paragraph First Sentence Preparation for SEO

The fist sentence in your first paragraph should include some variation of your title. This is important because it also lets the search engine know that you intend to stay focused on your subject material. Avoid the tendency to stray. There may be times where you have to reference other materials however this is what links are for.

Links SEO Preparation

If there is an extensive subject that you need reference do with with a link. This is the main goal of the entire internet. Could you imaging having the entire internet on one page? The goals of search engines is to link to the best articles for certain key words. When you have variations of key words on your page you would then want to link them to articles talking about those specific points. You would also want to do this with a key word.

Linking A Key Word

Linking a key word is a very simple process. Highlight the key word you want to link then click on the link button. Enter the http link reference that you want to link to. This is how we create links. Make sure though that you link to relevant content. If you link to a page that does not have that key word on it then you are doing yourself a disservice. The article that you wrote would not be very marketable if you linked to irrelevant content.

Heading Tag Preparation For SEO

Heading tags are also a very important on page SEO practice. Think of heading like little titles of the paragraph that follows. This article that we are writing here is a good example. The paragraph the follow focuses on the heading above it.

Images For SEO Preparation

Prepare your images on your webpage for SEO by including alt and title tags. These are attributes within the image tag. This is how images get indexed in search engines as well. When you insert an image into a webpage it will look like this in code view. It has a path that leads you to the image file.

<img src="" />

However, this is not enough. It should have alt and title tags to describe the image. Here is how that would look.

<img src="" alt="Logo For A1websitepro" title="Logo for A1WEBSITEPRO LLC"/>

This is how you practice on site or on page SEO for images. Just make sure that you are descriptive when inserting graphics.

SEO Page Preparation The Run Down

Remember that when linking to your page from other sources that you page must contain a harmonious subject. For example you would not want to link to this web page with PHP Lessons as the key word. Do I talk about PHP stuff yes I do but you would want to link to my php pages for that. You would want to link to this page using the title or variations of the title.

SEO and Content Marketing

We are getting ready to do some content marketing. Which means that we will be going out on the web and linking back to our pages. These pages must include consistent information for which they are being linked. We are going to start with facebook marketing but the important thing is that you have the page set up for SEO before you start. This is why I am creating this post as the first in a series for marketing.


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