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Cutting, Pasting, Libre Office Writer? You will notice that there are several different pasting options in Libre Office Writer. What do they all mean? You have come to the right place to find out. Lets go  over some cool hacks tips and tricks.

Copy Pasting in Libre Office Writer

Copy Pasting in Libre Office Writer

Cutting and Pasting in Libre

There is more to cutting and pasting in Libre Office Writer than there use to be. With so many different types of text fonts and formatting Libre had to include features that would help  your work flow. I especially like pasting unformatted text so I do not get a bunch of code in with my pasting. This is helpful when you are copying something from the internet and past it into the document. However if you want all the links included you would want to do a HTML paste which is helpful in its own respects. There are a couple different ways of pasting depending on what you need so let go over the different ways.

Libre Office Writer Paste

Use this option if you are pasting from one Libre Writer document to another. This is helpful when you are working on 2 different Libre documents and need to copy and paste from one Libre document to the other.

Pasting With Format In Tact Libre Writer

HTML Paste

For this example lets assume you want to copy and paste the contents of a web page, kind of like the one you are reading now. This may also include other documents like PDF’s, Word documents and more.  If you would like all the links included  with  all the content press “Control +  A” at the same time then that will highlight all the text and links. Next open up your Libre Writer and and press “Control + V” at the same time. This will automatically paste everything in the document with formatting included including images.

If you cannot see the images please make sure it is enabled.

Menu Tools → Options → LibreOffice Writer → View →
☑ Graphics and objects [enabled]

Pasting With The Unformatting Option In Libre Writer

Now lets assume that you want to use your own styling and possibly customize the links. The first step is the same, open the webpage to the one that you want, copy the parts that you want and save them to your clipboard. The next step however, you will right click on your mouse and select the option “Paste Special” > “Unformatted Text”. You  will notice that it will follow the formatting of the document that you are in. Be careful though, it will only follow one format option so if you paste it on a heading line all the text will be a heading format.

Pasting DDE Link in Libre Office

DDE is an acronym for “Dynamic Data Exchange” and people use it to show dynamic data within a document from a spreadsheet. This is useful when your data changes frequently. We will elaborate on this more when we get into “Libre Office Calc” which is Libre’s alternative to Microsoft Excel. Basically you can update a database and have it automatically update on your document immediately.



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Cutting Pasting Libre Office Writer Cool Hacks Tips Tricks

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