Adding Hover Effect On Mobile Devices

Have you ever tried to add a hover effect for mobile devices? Well the truth of the matter is that you cannot do it. Hover effects require you to have a mouse that you can use to hover over an element. This is not the case with touch screens. Some people do work around with :focus and :touch however the solution here is based up JavaScript. I think it works well for mobile devices.

hover affect not available on mobile device

Adding Hover Effect On Mobile Devices

Set up your html inside the body tag with p tags as well as img tags. Notice I gave it a class of imgClickAndChange and I also added a JavaScript functions called changeImage.

[code]<img alt=” src=’’ id=’imgClickAndChange’ onclick=’changeImage()’ />[/code]

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Add The JavaScript

Next you will want to add the JavaScript to the code.

[code]<script language=’javascript’>
function changeImage() {
if (document.getElementById(‘imgClickAndChange’).src == ‘’)
document.getElementById(‘imgClickAndChange’).src = ‘×213.jpg’;
document.getElementById(‘imgClickAndChange’).src = ‘’;

Hover Effect for Desktop and Mobile WordPress Plugin

I wrote a plugin for a client that shows a hover effect on the desktop side and a click and change images on the mobile side. You can see it in action here.

Purchase Hover Plugin

You can purchase the hover plugin for WordPress here.

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