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Computer lessons are an essential part of modern education and can provide individuals with valuable skills for both personal and professional use. These lessons typically cover topics such as computer hardware, software, and basic programming languages.

Learning about computer hardware can help individuals to understand how computers work and how to troubleshoot common issues. This knowledge can be especially useful for those who use computers on a regular basis for work or personal use.

Learning about software can help individuals to become proficient in using a wide range of programs, from word processing and spreadsheet software to graphic design and video editing programs. This knowledge can be particularly valuable for those who work in fields such as business, marketing, or design.

Basic programming languages, such as HTML and CSS, are also often covered in computer lessons. These languages are used to create websites and can provide individuals with the skills needed to create and maintain their own websites.

In addition to these technical skills, computer lessons can also help individuals to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They can teach individuals how to approach complex problems logically and systematically, which can be valuable in many different fields.

Overall, computer lessons are an important component of modern education and can provide individuals with valuable skills that can be used in both personal and professional settings. By investing time and effort into learning about computers, individuals can expand their knowledge and increase their opportunities for success.


 Customize Google Chrome Did you know you can customize your Google Chrome Browser? It’s true! Within about 2 minutes, you can change your entire Google Chrome Browser background and more! This tutorial is going to be quick and easy! Let’s get started. Change Background in Google Chrome Bring up a new tab or windows in Read More

Snipping Tool | Snip & Sketch | Screen Shots & Alternatives

When you need to catch a screen shot or a section of your screen, then the “Snipping Tool” is a great tool. There are other tools at your disposal like “Snip & Sketch” and other alternatives that we will discuss in this tutorial. Snipping Tool The snipping tool has been around for several years. It is Read More

how to install Linux mint create bootable flash drive

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Linux Mint and create a bootable flash drive. You can do this install a couple different ways, but I recommend backing up your current computer either way. Recently I created a tutorial on how to back up your Windows 10 computer. Windows 10 Backup Computer Read More

how to enable imap in gmail account

In this tutorial, we will learn how to enable IMAP in your Gmail account. This process takes about 30 seconds to do. The benefit of turning on your IMAP in your Gmail means that you can use other email clients to check your email. This could be on your phone, tablet or computer. Turn On Read More

Failed To Insert Media WordPress Problem

If you are seeing the error “Failed To Insert Media” in WordPress then chances are you have a permissions issue on your website. You could also experience issues with trying to install a plugin or a theme. This is an easy fix, so just follow along here. Open FTP Program To Edit File Permissions Open Read More

Ajax In WordPress Tutorial Ultimate Beginners Guide

This is an Ajax in WordPress tutorial. Let it serve as an ultimate beginner’s guide for you. I have already made several posts on Ajax and how to use it. However, this is my first post for using Ajax in WordPress. I think you will enjoy this lesson with all the codes and video instruction. Read More

How To Move A Large WordPress Website To A New Server

In this how to tutorial I will show you how to move a large WordPress website from one server to another. In this tutorial I assume that you already know how to SSH into your server. You must already know these following things, if you do not, click the link and learn them and then Read More

Setting Wallpaper Desktop Background Image in Linux Mint

To set the wallpaper desktop background in Linux Mint navigate to your picture folder. Right click on any image that you want as your wall paper then select “wallpaper”. It’s really that easy. Background Images & Settings Additionally you can go to your search and type in “Backgrounds” and see all the backgrounds that you Read More

How To Search PHP Encrypted Database

This post will show you how to search a PHP encrypted database. This is a follow up on the PHP encryption and decryption tutorials. Many have made the argument that once all the data is encrypted and stored that there is no way to query the database. However, you can query the database and I Read More


Encryption, Decryption and MySQL in PHP is very important these days with hacker after hacker out there always ready to find new crafty ways to steal your customer’s information. Do not be a victim here because you do not have to be! Be proactive in your efforts to make your customers’ websites be a fortress Read More


Many people like to use templates in Libre Office Writer because it saves them time and increases efficiency. Using temples is not that hard if you know where to go to get them and how to install them. Finding Templates In Libre Office Writer Navigate to your templates in Libre Office Writer by going to Read More

how to stop automatics payments in PayPal

Stop PayPal Automatic Payments in less than 2 minutes. I love automatic tasks that make me more efficient, I am sure that you do as well. However sometimes, there are companies that find it all too convenient not to cancel an automatic payment when you have canceled your service with them. How To Stop Automatic Read More

changing theme in libre office suite

Have you ever wanted to change the theme in Libre Office? The process is pretty simple and easy to do. Please note that you will be changing the look and feel across every application on your computer un the Libre Office Suite. Here are the different application affected by the theme settings in your Libre Read More

free code tester

A1WebsitePro is now offering a great new code testing tool. This tool is useful for everyone who needs a quick resource to test the code that they are working with. A Helpful Tool For Use With Tutorials If you need a place to practice the codes that we provide in our lessons before you add Read More

JavaScript AND OR in IF Statement to Check For Multiple Conditions

Sometimes you want to check if we meet 2 or more conditions in JavaScript. To accomplish this we use the OR “||”, AND “&&” statements within the IF condition. In the last lesson  we were checking the date. If a certain date met the condition we displayed something. What if we had a couple of Read More