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real web strategy for real people

Pagination in WordPress on one Post


Have you heard of pagination in WordPress on one post? An example of this on my website is that article entitled Using Bing Webmaster Tools. You can see the arrows at the top and bottom of each page. Read More

Remove “Howdy” in WordPress Quickly

Wanna remove “Howdy” in WordPress? How many of you out there say “Howdy”? Maybe if you are from the south you may use that terminology however I had a client Read More

Set Your YouTube Video To Play At A Certain Time


ContentsTry YouTube Timings before you Download it 🙂Download and Install YouTube Timings WordPress Plugin SecurelyVideo Help for Set your YouTube video to play at a certain timeSet your YouTube video to play at a certain time. Have you ever had a YouTube video that you wanted to play at a certain time? Here is a FREE WordPress plugin Read More

500 Internal Server Errors in WordPress Driving You Nuts?


Do you have a 500 internal server error in WordPress that is driving you nuts? Well sit back, Read More

Real Web Strategy for Real People

real web strategy for real people

I created a Google Community last night and called it “Web Development Strategy”. We all find out new and interesting things that we can do to make our websites better. This is what is all about. Read More

SSL Now Ranking Factor in Google Search Engine


Google announced August 6th of this year that an SSL on your website will Read More

301 Redirect Old Posts to Give Them New Life

Have you looked at your old posts lately? Some of them may be outdated and some of them you read them and think to yourself, “I could do better!”. One thing that you do NOT want to do Read More

Using Bing Webmaster Tools


ABSTRACT This is the final of 8 lessons concerning web development strategy. The student now has an arsenal of tools within their grasp. By the time the student reaches this point they are well equipped to implement an effective campaign strategy for any business. It should be noted Read More

Finding the Non-Secure Item on Your Website


ContentsWhat Needs To Be Secure When You Have An SSL?Why Use an SSL?Determining if you need an SSLGoogle indexing and SSLThe difference between https://www and https://What Are the Different Kinds of SSL’s and why?Where to buy cheap SSL’sFinding the Non-Secure Item on Your Website by using your browser!If you have the Google Chrome browser:Find insecure Read More

New Logo Design For A1WebsitePro Youngstown Ohio

Logo Design and Development Youngstown Ohio

We now have an official new logo for our company. We did not really have one before and I am the reason why. I am so picky sometimes that I just can’t stand even myself. Logo creating is a grueling process and Read More

WP Super Cache Settings for Optimal Performance

WP Super Cache Settings are important to the caching of your website. Caching your website will help your site load faster on several different types of browsers. If you want to know how to clear your cache in different browsers please see our articles, “How To Clear Read More

Social Media Backlinks Set Up Facebook Page

ABSTRACT * This is the sixth of 8 lessons concerning web development strategy. Recently we discussed modules and plug in’s and how they can help enhance a CMS. We also learned that we have to be careful when installing Read More

CMS Additions Affiliates Plugin’s Modules Styles

CMS Additions Affiliates Plugin’s Modules Styles

CMS Additions Affiliates * This is the fifth of 8 lessons in the web development strategy course. In the previous lesson the students Read More



SERP as we have learned is an acronym for “Search Engine Rank Position” or “Search Engine Results Page”. This is what you have to do with your web page before submitting it to the search engine. Set everything up like we have discussed, before asking to be indexed by the search engines. Go Read More


Bing Keyword Research * In order to use the Bing keyword research feature you have to have a Microsoft account and then you have to add your site. Creating a Microsoft account is easy. Just fill out the Read More