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Real Web Strategy for Real People

I created a Google Community last night and called it “Web Development Strategy”. We all find out new and interesting things that we can do to make our websites better. This is what a1websitepro.com is all about. Helping people be more successful with their websites.

Why did I create this Community?

The focus is on the success of websites and webmasters. I am a member of other communities. One of the things that I like to do is share my posts with people that I make on a1websitepro.com. I spend a lot of time trying to make sure that our tutorials are easy to follow. Bloggers know how much time it takes to make a good post. I had one of my posts removed by a moderator. Specifically it was the post on pagination and how to increase your page views. This has greatly increased page views for some of my bloggers. I shared it on one Google community and it was removed. Why? The moderator said that it did not add value to the community, lol. Well if increasing your page views on your website is not valuable then I don’t know what is. So being the anarchist that I am and finding that rules once again cramp my style I created a community focused on helping webmasters.

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It is also a way for others to share and give me more ideas on how we can be more helpful to webmasters.  Solving peoples webmaster issues is what we live for. 🙂

Real Web Strategy for Real People

My philosophy is if I can give it away free, I do! Why? Probably because of my belief in moral ethics. If there is something beneficial for someone to be more successful who am I to try to hold them back in the name of greed? Oh I believe in capitalism and what made this country great but giving valuable knowledge away free makes the next advancement so much better! Many people pay me for my time just so they do not have to sit there and figure it out for themselves and that is find with me too.

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The other value this gives me is a way to easily share my YouTube videos with a community. Making a YouTube video is a lot faster for me than making a post on a website. Oh sure I have plans on making a post out of a cool YouTube video that I made but sometimes time is not on my side, lol.

Where you can  find our Web Development Strategy Community.

You can find out web development strategy community here. Questions, comments and website posts are all welcome! I look forward to seeing you there 😉

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