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Set Your YouTube Video To Play At A Certain Time

Set your YouTube video to play at a certain time. Have you ever had a YouTube video that you wanted to play at a certain time? Here is a FREE WordPress plugin for you. This plugin will show up right in your dashboard when  you log into it.

youtube timings

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Try YouTube Timings before you Download it 🙂

To set your YouTube Video To Play At A Certain Time. Enter the YouTube URL. Enter the minute and second and then hit submit!

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Download and Install YouTube Timings WordPress Plugin Securely

Download and install the plugin here. It is lightweight and does not rely on your server at all!  🙂



Video Help for Set your YouTube video to play at a certain time

YouTube Timings


Set Your YouTube Video To Play At A Certain Time was last modified: October 6th, 2014 by Maximus Mccullough

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  • Hassaan says:

    Hi Maximus,

    Nice Post. Something new for sure. Heard about placing embedded code, but this is something attractive. Timing and scheduling make Youtube usage more effective for Bloggers.

    • Hi Hassaan, I agree totally. I plan on using some of my longer videos but I know that my users want me to get to the point quicker in the videos. I made if for that purpose but I figured I may as well share it, lol. THanks for the comment!

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