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PHP Web Development

PHP is a processor that resides on a server to process information. Most of the time this is done with a MySql Database. PHP processes forms, writes HTML and more on the internet. Below there are several articles and tips and tricks on how to use this software. PHP is a free and open source software and is the most popular processor on the internet. The website for PHP is

Php 7 Switch Statement Case Break

Php 7 Switch Statement operates a lot like IF Statements. Generally, you will only use switch statements when comparing one condition. This is what it was designed for and that is how we will use it. If we have multiple conditions to consider then use the IF Else Statement Operator. Here are the files for Read More


Php 7 Statements include “if”, “else” and “elseif”. We logically consider the situation and use these Php 7 statements accordingly. Programming Php 7 statements is like “reasoning” something out. In this Php 7 tutorial we are going to use money and relationships to explain this process. File for this lesson.  Php 7 IF Statement A Php Read More

Php 7 Logical Operator

The Php 7 logical operator help us to filter data before displaying it. Our choices are AND, OR, XOR, NOT !, && and ||. In the last lesson we talked about Comparison Operators and how they work. We need to understand the logic of a situation so we know what to display and how. We will Read More

Php 7 Comparison Operator Video Instruction Code Examples Lesson 15

Php 7 Comparison Operators compare 2 or more values . There are several different ways to perform these operations. A “Php 7 comparison operator” will check to see if the values are equal, identical, greater than or less than each other. Let’s go over the different methods to use this handy tool. Files from last Read More

PHP 7 Operators Arithmetic Calculations Lesson 13

Php 7 operators are used for Arithmetic and Calculations. It is also used for comparing values. If we used Php 7 for arithmetic and calculations we would be using add, subtract, multiply, divide, modulus and exponents. Here are files from the last lesson. Here are files for this lesson. Php 7 Arithmetic Operators Examples + Read More

PHP 7 Constants Notice: Constant already defined LESSON 13

PHP 7 Constants are like variables. The only difference is that they cannot be changed. Once you set a “Constant” you cannot change it. PHP Constants need to hold unique information. Here are the files from the last lesson. PHP 7 Constants Basic Example In this Php 7 Constants example, we are setting a constant Read More

String Functions() in Php7

String functions in Php7 are your arsenal for being a more efficient coder.  The possibilities are immense when it comes to string functions in Php7. Let’s take a look at some of the string functions in Php7. Echo Is A Php String Function Echo is one Php string function that you have already been using. Read More


DATA TYPES IN PHP 7 Here is the second part to the data types in PHP7. Lesson 10 we talked about Strings, Integers, Booleans, and Floats.In this lesson we are going to talk about  Objects, Arrays, NULL and Resource. Here are the files from the previous lesson if you are just joining us. Video is Read More


Understanding PHP7 data types will help you put things together. There are 8 different data types in PHP. They are all used differently.  We will cover the first 4 types in this lesson and the second half in the next lesson. Here are files from the last lesson. Here are some quick examples of PHP7 Read More

Hello friends, next week we will have a “PHP7 Power Week“. The PHP power week will consist of two lessons a day. I will release one about 9 AM in the morning and then release another one about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. This will be Monday through Friday Eastern standard time. Make sure you Read More


“Form processing” in PHP7 using the $_POST method is much like using the $_GET method. In this video lesson on using the $_POST method, I will show you some code examples. In programming code, you will be using the $_POST method more than the $_GET method. Here are the files from our last lesson. Here Read More


Processing forms in PHP7 for beginners can be hard to understand. Let’s break it down for you before we actually start coding. In the last lesson we manually created URL query strings.  We then used the $_GET method to get sections of the string and display them on a page. In programming we call this Read More

Beginners Guide $GET Query Strings URL Parameters In PHP Coding Lesson 7

This is our beginners guide to PHP Query string url parameters. After completing this lesson you will have a general knowledge of PHP’s $GET function with parameters. Let’s break down the code in this lesson and see how PHP Query Strings work. Here are the files for this lesson.  What Are Query String Parameters In Read More

Programming With PHP Housekeeping Cleaning Up Code Lesson 6

When we are programming with PHP remember that it is more artistic like poetry. Everyone will have a different style and you will as well. Many new programmers will not appreciate styles of other programmers because of inexperience. In programming however, housekeeping is very important. New programmers tend to create a lot of messy code. Read More


PHP7 functions are very useful. There are predefined functions that is already programmed in PHP7 already that you can use. You can also create your own PHP7 functions to use in your applications. This tutorial is going to cover “PHP Functions” and how you can use them on your website and applications. What Is a PHP Read More