Using Crypt to Encrypt Password in PHP

Sometimes we need to encrypt a password hash in php before inserting it into the database. The code below will reveal this information.


[code]<?php $passwordtohash = ‘mypassword’; $hash = crypt($passwordtohash); echo $hash; echo $passwordtohas; ?>[/code]

Explaining the Crypt Code and Process

The php variable of $pass is holding within it “hash”. We then take the variable $passwordtohash and put the crypt function on it and store it in another variable called $hash.

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We then echo out both the $hash and the $passwordtohash to see what they look like.

Uses of PHP Crypt

Remember there is no way to decrypt the algorithm.  So this would only be good if you wanted a use to enter something to match something that is encrypted like a password hash. You would also want to encrypt your password with something like



More info on php crypt

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