PHP for beginners

PHP for Beginners

So are you looking for some PHP for beginners lessons? Well you have come to the right place. Recently I have been asked to do some of these tutorials because people are curious about how PHP works. I think it is a fascinating thing to learn and if you are curious here is a good place to start with just some simple PHP code. I dont like long drawn out introductions so may be we will get right into it.

  1. In PHP you will always start with a  tag the looks like this. <?php 
  2. Then you will always have to close your php tag with this  ?>
  3. In the box below you will not have to do this because the tag is already provided for you. So this is just for practice.
  4. In the frame below I want you to highlight the content /** write your php code and test it online # do not start with php open tag
    Please like and google+ to encourge for adding more features */
    echo ‘Welcome to PhpCodePad ….’;”
  5.  Now what I want you to do is enter this code: echo “Hi There”; NOTE: make sure you type it in, if you try to copy and paste it will not work. 
  6.  Then click the Parse PHP button
  7.   Congratulations you wrote a PHP code that echo’s out into a browser. Simple right? Lets have some more fun.
  8.  Write this code echo “My name is Max <br/> I work at A1WebsitePro <br/> I am a web developer”;
  9. The <br/> tags are called “Line Breaks” that makes whatever you put after that tag will go on the next line.
  10.  Want to have some more fun in PHP? Lets try to make some text bold: echo “<strong>My Name is Max</strong><br/>I am a web developer for A1WebsitePro<br/><strong>Do you like PHP?</strong>”;
  11.  I hope you had some fun with this simple tutorial if you want to practice more with PHP I will have more lessons coming up so subscribe to my feed if you want to keep updated. The website that we are using to execute our PHP is



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  • Karen Leaf says:

    Awesome! Very easy to follow. Thanks.

  • Queen Of Epicness says:

    Thank You so much! This really helps, and I’ll definitely keep practicing. I hope for more of these awesome tutorials in the future.
    You are so epicly cool. 🙂

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