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Warning: unlink(): http does not allow unlinking in PHP

Another Way To Get An Accurate Path in PHP

You can also use the function dirname(__FILE__); This will do the exact same thing as getcwd(). You can store it in a variable as well to get the path. Most of the time when programmers want to get a path to a directory they are working in they will use this function.

 $abpath =dirname(__FILE__);
 echo $abpath;

Example of using Unlink() in PHP

So now let’s say that I have image uploads in a folder called “upload” outside the admin directory. I want to give users the ability to delete their images and files using unlink. They are working in an admin directory to delete a file in a different directory called uploads. Here is an example of the code.

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$dir = $abspath.'/includes/upload/';

I could not use the other two methods because of the fact that I am deleting files outside the admin directory. So I used $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] and concatenated manually the path to the folders “/includes/upload/”.

If you were deleting images in the admin directory you could use the other two methods. 🙂

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Warning: unlink(): http does not allow unlinking in PHP

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