Google Drive

Synchronize Google Drive with Linux Mint

Synchronize Google Drive with Linux Mint

To synchronize Google Drive with Linux Mint, follow the steps below. This is a straightforward task and even if you’re technically challenged, as some say, you will get through this with no problems. I did not leave out any steps, and I created this so that it is easily understandable. If you disagree, then leave Read More

Organize Google Drive Files and Folders

organize files and folders in google drive

Recently my friend asked me how to organize files and folders on “Google Drive”. What was happening is that the interface differed from Windows 10 “File Explorer” for displaying the folders or directories. This led to much confusion, so this is my attempt to make the process a little more understandable. Folder Structure Think of Read More



You may have noticed that Google Drive sync with Windows has changed a little. If you use the Google Drive folder on your windows desktop, you will want to watch this tutorial to help get you started. I did not go in great detail but I there is enough detail here to get you started Read More