Automatically Forward Gmail Messages To Another Gmail Account

Sometimes you need to forward messages from another gmail account. If you have different business like I do then you may need to do this process as well. However trying to log in and check different Gmail accounts becomes cumbersome. This is a 11 step process that is going to make you more efficient when trying to manage more than one gmail account. This process will show you how to forward gmail automatically.

Preliminary Gmail Forwarding Information

This tutorial assumes a couple things. First you have a current gmail account that you use. Second you have another Gmail account that you want forwarded to the gmail account you use.

11 Steps To Forwarding One Gmail Account To Another

I will explain these steps in detail here. We will go through them one at a time. The we will use 2 fictional gmail accounts, [email protected] and [email protected] We will want to forward [email protected] to [email protected] in this tutorial.

Step #1 Open Gmail

Open the gmail account that will be forwarding all messages. This will not be the Gmail account that you use all the time. In our above example it is [email protected]

Step #2 Click Settings

Now that you have the gmail open click settings at the top right of the screen. It looks like a little gearbox. When you click on it there will be a drop down. Click on “Settings”.

Step #3 Click On Forwarding Tab

Now you will see several tabs across the top of the page. You want to click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.

Step #4 Add Forwarding Address

Scroll down to the “Forwarding Section”. Click on “Add a Forwarding Address”.

Step #5 Enter Email Address

Now enter the gmail address that you want all of the messages forwarded to. In our above example this would be [email protected] Note: this does not have to be a gmail address but for this tutorial this is what we are doing.

Step #6 Click Next Buttons

Next you will click on next then proceed and then the OK button.

Step #7 Verification

A verification email will be sent to that email address. In our example [email protected] will get a verification email. You will want to open that gmail account in a different browser and click on the verification link in that email.

Step #8 Refresh Browser

Go back to your gmail. In our example this is [email protected] While you are in the settings page refresh your browser. You can do this by hitting F5 on your keyboard as well or click the refresh link in your browser.

Step #9 Incoming Mails

Select Forward a copy of incoming mails to.

Step #10 Choose What Happens

You will now have to choose what happens to the emails that come to this box. In our example this is [email protected] You can chose to keep a copy in this gmail account. This means that you will have a copy of the same email messages in both accounts. This is usually the recommended setting. The other setting will not keep a copy in this gmail account.

Step #11 Save Changes

Make sure that you scroll to the bottom of the page and click, “Save Changes”. If you forget this step it will not work.

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Automatically Forward Gmail Messages To Another Gmail Account

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