Domain Email with Gmail

Domain Email with Gmail

Get your domain email with Gmail its easy and you can do it in under 5 minutes! Lets say that you have an email address that you want to use. It can be a personal or company email address. You can use these email addresses with your gmail and cut out a lot of work in the process. In fact you can add several email address using the methods that we are going to use. We are going to use my daughter’s website and email address for this tutorial so you can see it in action.  I have included a video at the end to help make it easier.

Step 1 for Domain Email with Gmail.  Create an email that you want to use using your domain name. We are going to use [email protected] If you already have a personal email for your domain you can skip this step scroll down to step#2.

Log into your cpanel and find where it says “email accounts”.

domain email with gmail

Enter the name you want to use with your domain name I entered “faith” here. Give your email a password two times and select the quota you want to use then click “Create Account”.

domain email gmail

You will see that we have created an email account called [email protected] In the next box below select “more” in the drop down and then click on “Access Webmail”.


You will be brought to a new screen that looks like this. You can access your email by selecting “Read Mail Using SquirrelMail”  click that.


You will then be in your email client that will give you the ability to read, write and send emails. Keep this window open because we will use it later.


Step#2 for Domain Email with Gmail

Ok now it is time to access our gmail, look for the little icon that looks like a gear when you click on it you will see a drop down, click on settings.


Next select “Accounts and Import”


When you are on that screen scroll down to where it says “Add another email address that you own” and click on it.


You will get a pop up box that looks like this. Enter your name and email address that you want to use with gmail. Then click “Next Step”


You will then get another box that looks like this. Make sure you select send through Gmail (easier to set up). If you want to set up using SMPT you can but that is not covered in this tutorial.


Next you will arrive at yet another box that looks like this. Click on the “Send Verification” button and Google will then send a code to your email address.


You will see a box like this open up, do not close it leave it open and go check your email in your current email program.  You will come back to this box and enter your verification number.


Go to your email and look for this code you will enter that code in the box and click verify.


If you would like to see more details on Domain Email with Gmail check out the video below.

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