You may have noticed that Google Drive sync with Windows has changed a little. If you use the Google Drive folder on your windows desktop, you will want to watch this tutorial to help get you started. I did not go in great detail but I there is enough detail here to get you started with the new Google Drive sync with your windows operating system.

2 Different Methods Used In The New Google Drive Sync

If you used Google Drive Sync before, you basically had one folder on your desktop that synced to your Google Drive. You could then drag-and-drop folders and files into that Google Drive folder and upload it to your Google Cloud storage.

This is where it has changed a little. There are 2 different methods that Google Drive has implemented for this process. The first method is to choose or create a folder you want to sync with Google Drive. The next method is to create a folder you want to download from Google Drive to your computer.

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Why This Change in Google Drive Sync?

There was a problem with files being overwritten. So let’s say that you had 2 files that had the same name. If you dragged and dropped them into your Google Drive folder the old way, it would overwrite that file on the Google Drive Cloud. The new way will ask if you want to overwrite that file.

In relation to this, if you create a new file or folder while you are online in the Google Drive interface, there are more protections. These protections will save you from overwriting files that you did not intend to overwrite. So now in the new Google Drive you will see “My Computer” in a tab on the left.

Setting Up The New Google Drive

Start out by going to We will use the “Personal” application for this tutorial. Click on the download button in the “Personal” box.

Next you will be presented with a screen that looks like this. Click Agree and download.

Next select the folder you want to download the Google Drive Sync application.

If you use Google chrome to download the .exe file, then you can click on it to begin the installation process. If not navigate to the folder where you downloaded the application to begin the installation.

Next you will see that the download is beginning. It should only take about 30 seconds to download.

You will next see the installation process begin. When the installation is complete you will see this notification. 

When you see this screen click on the “Get Started” blue button. You will now have to sign in with your email or phone number. Next you will have to enter your password.Click on the checkbox that says “Stay Signed In”.

Now we will choose the folders that we want to back up to Google Drive.  Click the “Got It” blue button. Here is where we will choose the folders that we want to upload to Google Drive. Most people do not want to sync their entire computer. So uncheck the blue checkmarks and click on “Choose Folder”. After you click on “Choose Folder ” from above you will see an explorer window appear. It will look like this. Notice that I created a new folder in my desktop. I named it Google Drive to keep it simple. I know that the files and folders that I drag into that folder will be uploaded to my Google Drive in the future. 

After this, I double clicked on the new “Google Drive” folder that I made in my desktop folder. Then I simply clicked on “Select Folder”.

End of Process #1

That is it for the 1st process. I now have a folder created on my desktop so that I can easily upload files to my Google Drive. Now lets go on with the second process.

Process #2 Sync From Google Drive To Computer

This next part of the setup process will ask you to choose a folder from your Google Drive that you want to sync with your local computer. Next you see this screen. Click on the blue “Got It” button to start this process.

Now you see your folders that you currently have on Google Drive.  If you want to use a different folder to download from the Google Drive click on the blue “Change…” link. Once you have created a folder to download items from Google Drive then select the folders from Google Drive that you want to download to your computer. If you are like me and want all of your Google Drive in one place then you can leave this option as is.

Also, if you have the same folder for uploads and download from Google Drive then you are going to be presented with this screen. If you want to keep all your Google Drive files and folders in one place then click on the continue button.

You will be given the option to sync Google Drive to your computer. If you do not want to download anything from Google Drive then uncheck this button.

When a folder is syncing from Google Drive it will look like this on your desktop. This indicates that a syncing process is currently taking place.

Google Drive has a new icon that looks like a white cloud. You can see it by the clock on your computer screen.

If you go to your Google Drive on your browser you will see a new tab called “Computers”. This will be a list of computers that are syncing with your Google Drive.

Alternative To Google Products

There are alternatives to Google products. My friend Bill wrote the article and it was very informative.

I hope I was able to help you set up your Google Drive on your windows operating system. If you have any questions, comments or concerns then please comment below.

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