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Social Syndication Plugin WordPress SNAP is the Best

Social Syndication Plugin WordPress SNAP is the Best

Social Syndication is very important to website these days. Really who has the time to keep posting to all the network platforms out there after you already make a post. Every day it seems there is another social network platform. Syndicating your posts is the answer for this problem.

Preparing for Social Syndication

You want to take the necessary steps for using a social syndication tool. To avoid frustration go and set up your social platforms that you want to post on. Here are some quick links to help you get started. Make sure you keep track of your username and passwords in like a notepad document before following the instructions in the instructional video in this post.

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Alternative Methods for Social Syndication

Twitter Feed

Twitter feed was great in its day but is slowly phasing out because a new and improved social syndication methods.

Jetpack for WordPress

Jetpack is another method for social syndication but it slows down your WordPress. Jetpack has a publicize tab but like the Twitter feed they all take additional accounts which is really irritating.

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Best choice for Social Syndication is SNAPSNAP

SNAP is an acronym for Social Networks Auto Poster. It has all the major social network platforms integrated with this plugin. The set up takes a little time but in the end saves you a lot of time as well.

How Does SNAP Save You Time?

Instead of logging into every network platform to make your post it is automatically syndicated to those platforms as soon as you make a post in your WordPress blog. You can even schedule the pstst to go out at certain times and the plugin will not syndicate until the appropriate time that you set.

Please see my YouTube video on how to set up SNAP.







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Social Syndication Plugin WordPress SNAP is the Best

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