Social Media Facebook Monitoring For Social Networking

Social Media Facebook Monitoring For Social Networking is a very important task for business owners, group organizers, and many other individuals who are trying to reach a targeted audience with products, services or information.

How To Start Facebook Monitoring For My Page

The primary activities with Facebook monitoring are making regular posts on your page, reading email notifications each day and visiting your Facebook page at least 2 times a week. This should increase if you have a higher traffic page or wish to increase your regular traffic with more targeted social networking.

Facebook Monitoring Tools Are At The Top

When visiting your Facebook page there are several sections you should review. Most tools are found in the tabs at the top of your page:

  • Messages – Always respond to any incoming messages. Answer any questions and reply to comments you receive with a positive response.
  • Notifications – Check here just to make sure that you did not miss any notifications in your email.
  • Insights – This section helps you understand the impact that your page puts out there. Here you can review the amount of page likes you have received, how many people you are reaching with your posts and whether or not they are interacting with your page or posts. The menu on the left has links that give further information on these different sections.
  • Publishing Tools – This section show you a list of your published posts. You can also use the links on the left to view scheduled posts that you have set to go out, drafts that are still in progress and posts that will be expiring.

Reviewing Your Facebook Visitors

Regular reviews of your Facebook page help you make more targeted posts and help you connect with a broader audience. You can see where you are reaching more people and what content gets you the best results of having people interact with your page by liking posts and leaving comments on the posts.

Only cool people share!

As you are more in tune with finding good ways to write posts that interest visitors on your page and get them to respond.

Quick Insights For Facebook Monitoring

There are quick insights of some of this information right on your page when you visit as well. At the top of the right sidebar you will see how much interaction you have for the current week. On the left side below your header image you will see similar information as well as links to invite friends to like the page and a link to start advertising to promote your page.

Facebook Page Visitor Posts

At the bottom of the information on the left hand side of the page you will see “Visitor Posts”. This is an important section to review as these are direct comments that have been written to your page and lets you know what visitors might like or dislike. This can help you improve your page or connect with your visitors by commenting a response and liking their post to let them know you appreciate their input.

Why Should I Monitor My Facebook Page?

Regular monitoring of your Facebook page makes it easier to manage your page by adding good quality content that will keep visitors interested and encourage more Facebook users to follow your posts.

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